Wednesday 25 June 2008

CBC Radio

I think I am getting old. I used to be a devoted listener to CBC Radio. As I wrote it would be on in the background. I podcast many shows. These days I find that I am behind the times.

DNTO was interviewing some dude from Facebook fame, now a musician, who was regaling us with horror stories about setting off firecrackers and running from the police. Who really cares? Or does everyone else? Another topic: proms? Why do we care? Those who had fun have good memories, those that did not do not and we need to revisit that annual event with the vandalism that often occurs afterwards. Graduations are another issue: it doesn't mean much anymore. The young middle school kids are over dressed, some would say looking like sluts, and it diminishes their real graduation from college or university.

Q ("Your daily dose of arts, culture and entertainment") is interviewing pop culture stars whom I have never heard of and who tend to have coarse language. Why is my morning going to be filled with arts stories? What happened to our hard-hitting political news, clever repartee, interesting people who have accomplished something more than lots of sales of hip hop music? "Moby Uncut: Hear the raw interview with outspoken electronica superstar Moby. " I don't think so. Articificial, highly marketed 'stars' who often have not earned their claim to fame.

I am an avid techie, with blogs that allow me to practice my writing craft, but I question some of the interviews that seem pleurile and down right flaky. I am happy to learn about young people today, but is this the forum?

I miss the hard-hitting interviews reserved for other shows.
I miss Peter Gzowski. With him I felt like I knew Canada a little more intimately.

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