Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Muskoka Nature Awakes

It is wonderful seeing the breakup of the lake.The shore is appearing as the run off meltwater dissolves the ice.

The birds are active. The raccoons awoke last week. I had to replace the large stone on top of the metal garbage can that has housed our bird seed all winter. In the evening I heard a clank as the 'coon ripped the lid off and it hit the ground. The cats were quite excited.

This morning I saw one cat sitting on the deck looking down. The other was perched strangely on a rock. As I watched, the coon that was pigging out on bird seed, took off into the forest and up a tree. The cats seemed quite proud as the coon treed itself. Twice their size, they were ready to sit at the bottom of the tree.

Our younger cat is quite excited with the breath of fresh air. He keeps flinging himself up the tree!

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