Monday 5 November 2007

November Rains

The winds howled today. They were nothing like the winds and rain in the Maritimes, but they are still blow and are colder now. There is a change in the wind direction. There is a chill in the air. The birds all feed a bit more frantically. The raccoon, stuffing its rotund body with delicate fingers that seem too small for its size, checks for leftovers. It doggy diggs in the hulls from the sunflower seeds. It haughtily sends to the small finch seed flying, knocking over the bird feeders in the process. While sitting on top of the squirrel feeder it must have become unbalanced and caused a huge commotion as it fell 20' over the side onto the ground below. We chose not to go outside and check for damage. It likely bounced.

The deck glistens with frost in the early morning. I feed the voracious squirrels to keep them off of the bird feeders. It seems to work, except the blue jays steal the peanuts before you can say hibernate.

This morning we heard two ducks fighting. Matrimonial Bliss that could use some counselling on issues. Brian could hear her telling him off,
"If you'd only let me get tickets on the early flight we'd be out of here by now. Oh No. You wanted to take the economy flight and here we are stuck in this sappy rain with only the low-lifes hanging around. Next year we leave early and go with the civilized folks, with the full meal service. I told you so. But you wouldn't listen. Now we're stuck with this lot, with nothing but dead pond weeds and no tourists left to feed us crap. I should have stayed with my mother."

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