Monday, 15 May 2017

The feeders are gone, the hanging baskets are out!

Rose-breasted grosbeak
I've kept the feeders going, while the birds are nesting. They will, eventually, disappear. traveling to other places. In the meantime, it's fun watching them.

You never really know how many there are, until they appear at the same time!

They battle amongst themselves for a spot, and the grackle has suddenly appeared. The blue jays are such bullies!

Bye-bye feeders. The bear is here, as I reported yesterday! I will miss my feathered friends. I put up hanging baskets. The first I planted myself, it needs to grow some. The lovely lobelia planter, I bought on Mother's Day. The red hanging basket was planted with pine all winter. I bought some plants two weeks ago, and hopefully it will be lovely in a month in the sun and warmth. There are red and white petunias, as well as geranium.

In the meantime, the birds are so sad. No sign of bear last night. So far. They seldom come back, ar, at least, destroy anything, once the feeders are gone.

Bumble bee!

FOUR in one shot!
Rose-breasted grosbeaks from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

The cats sit on the deck and watch the birds up above. I made Annie two collars, as she is so camouflaged with her colouring, sitting on the brown ground in the leaves.

Daisy was up to no good. With the feeders gone, the birds were on the ground at the pile of old seed. Fortunately, they are fast! Soon the birds will be gone.

A chickadee was gathering cat fur for a nest. It was under the tree.

chickadee from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Nancy J said...

That chickadee is so smart, and Annabelle, your collar is a whole give-away. Hope the baby bear stays well away now.We have sunshine after another cold start to the day.

Debbie said...

WoW-zers!! your birds and flowers are amazing!!! i LOVE the grosbeak, i don't see them here!!!!

Red said...

Flower baskets may cause less trouble but the feeders provide the best action.

William Kendall said...

Wonderful bird shots!

Powell River Books said...

I'm lucky that bears don't come down to the cabin, so I can leave my feeders up even though there aren't that many birds to watch. - Margy

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The birds will find plenty to eat this time of year. But how wonderful that you had so many at your feeders in the winter and early spring!