Thursday, 9 February 2017

What a lovely day after the ice storm

Inside, I found a mosquito. Seriously.

We spent the day clearing the ice off of the sidewalk and parts of the driveway. Daisy helped. Climate change is a real issue. I'm keeping the feeders full. 

I captured the ice pellets, let them melt inside, and found out we had nearly 14mm of rain.

After my work, I took a walk. Can you see the red squirrel, just at the base of the tree? They are happy to fill their faces at the feeders.

The poor deer are skating on the frozen crust of snow. I took a last look for deer sheds, and found some blood spatter droplets. No antlers, though.
Coyote poop.
In the last photo of this set, you can see how the deer struggled to scrape out a bed in the frozen snow.



Nancy J said...

It looks like you had a dumping. Daisy is a funny girl, just skirting round the little pool of water there, they are such good company. A friend sent me the message " we have -34 in Alberta now".!!! And here, very unseasonable and unusual cold for February, 4 a.m. 5 C and I have lit the fire!!!

Silver Willow said...

weird time of the year for a mosquito!

Christine said...

It is a lovely sunny day, no wind either. Ice storms are scary.

Debbie said...

a confused mosquito, no doubt!! we were suppose to get 10 inches of snow today, it looks like we got about 2. all blow and no snow, once again!! these weather people, geez!!!!

Cat Lover said...

Great photos Jenn! We had a fly in the window between the glass and the screen. No idea where he came from!
Looks like you received lots of freezing rain like we did. It was pretty treacherous for driving.
Take care.

William Kendall said...

You wonder what brought the mosquito out.

Red said...

I hate the whole frozen rain ice bit. when it comes here it stays the whole winter.

Christine said...

Wow poor deer.

Anvilcloud said...

Occasionally, or at least once, I had a mosquito buzzing around my chair in the middle of winter.

Lowcarb team member said...

To find a mosquito, at this time of year!!! Goodness.

All the best Jan