Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mouse tails – Happy endings are good!

It's been quite a week between one thing and another. New outdoor tap.
Putting Buster down, cremation, sans cremains. Property taxes installment are due! It's not cheap being a homeowner!

A bright, clear day, I thought I'd clean out the shed, removing debris.
Then the new tractor, covered in dead leaves from the fall.  I started the engine, but it wouldn't catch, although the motor turned. I backed it out manually. Then, I heard the peeping. One of them was sucking on my finger, looking for food.
I put them in a box, on top of the bench, went into town with hubby for his eye appointment.  I realized that I didn't have the right kind of wrench to clean out the trctor.  Back into the store for a $10 wrench with a hexagonal screw head.
I'm going to have to be careful next year. I never even thought about it.
They were still there when we returned, and one was dead.
I took them out, put them in a bucket, with the nesting materials removed from the tractor, and put them on the floor this time.
Rather afraid to look, when I went out the next day they were gone! I am happy about that!

For those wondering about a deermouse... this is one I found in a bucket in the shed. The video shows the babies peeping in my hand. They'd fallen out after I started the motor. Blind, they must have been pretty young.

deermice babies from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Cloudia said...

Bless your lovely soul!

Red said...

Hey, my 1972 lawnmower started on the second pull this year.

Karen said...

You are in my thoughts. We had to put Girlie down in February and it just about broke our hearts. She is resting in our pet cemetery along with the assorted puppies and cats and fish and birds that passed through this place over the past 30+ years.

I was making a quilt for my eldest grandson and had it rolled up on a top shelf in the linen cupboard. When I shook it out to work some more, a gaggle of baby mice went flying. I don't know where Momma was but she was there in a flash collecting them up.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Sad news about Buster, but probably the best decision. I remember one year at Guide camp we found a colony of mice in the oven mitts ... the girls all squealed, some with delight and some with fear.

William Kendall said...

Boy, are they small.

troutbirder said...

Yikes. I had a somewhat similar experience though my tractor wouldn't start due to the wiring they had chewed...:)