Monday, 8 February 2016

Lunch at the Baldachin!

Yes, I be spoiled rotten! We went for a Friday drive.
Lunch at the Baldachin Dining Lounge. I love this spot in Merrickville; Made from scratch food, Lovely ambience, beautiful table settings, as well as daily specials. Every time we have to explain 'no yeast, eggs, dairy, which really challenges us, as well as our chefs! Hubby's chili was fine, sans a top dressing of cheese (which is a normal garnish!). Then, I was rooting for a dessert for him, while I had glass of wine #2. Our lovely server said she'd see! The chef, bless his heart, made a sort of poached apple, with cherries, and some nacho-y chips! It was a delightful day!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Looks like a delicious meal. Glad the chef was able to be creative!

William Kendall said...

It does look like a good place to dine.

Cynthia said...

Nice to have a chef so accommodating. That's quite an unusual dessert!