Sunday, 3 May 2015

Chores are getting done!

I have many projects, keeping me out of trouble.

This may be foolish, but a local store was having a store closing sale and I figured out a way to reorganize the workbench.

The previous home owner had a full workshop in here. He made furniture in this garage. The space above the workbench had all sorts of nails, with his many tools for this purpose. He sold them. I was faced with lots of nails, but my stuff didn't fit in. I removed all of the nails and started fresh!

These hangers are fun, and it helped out the store owners, who are moving to Muskoka! They have been having a 50 - 70% off sale.

I worked on it in fits and starts. Taking a break from wood stacking, which is coming along. The Wood ducks are still nesting and I don't want to disturb them, but the wood up above has been stacked. I still have to split quite a bit of it. I should get it done before the bugs are out and it is too hot. It was quite warm yesterday, I was glad the clouds blew in!

After, but not quite done!
Plan A

Work in progress, plan B
I'm not quite finished the workbench, I've been stacking wood and finishing off the goldfish pond. I did take apart the falling apart well cover. The wood is rotting. I removed and saved all the screws. Hubby and I, at the exact same time, thought about using some of my wood to surround the well. Another work-in-progress!
Before - they chopped off the top to replace
the well plumbing, which had a hole in it!
I've stacked a fair bit of the wood
I did stop and 'smell the roses'
AKA Trillum
Down on the frog pond, a Mallard has taken advantage of the collapsed Muskrat push-up, to take a rest. There were several Wood ducks, as well as a pair of Mallards. Momma is still nesting in her box, as far as I know. I'd love to just sit and watch them, but it spooks them and they take off. This is heavily cropped!
What projects are you jumping into?


Nancy J said...

A project to jump into... Not likely, down here?? tomorrow, Dr's visit, windows to wash, haircut next week, then the trip to Wellington. firewood to bring in every day, 3 Celsius very early this morning, now 5C, cloudy and dull.Your logs look great, firewood is always grand when cut, split, dried, and ready to use!!!

William Kendall said...

Boy are you keeping busy!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Crikey Jenn, you are exhausting me - and am on a steep work curve here with total lack of sleep this side too... nowhere near as physical though!!! Love the hangers - you are definitely creating order out of relative chaos! YAM xx

Olga Hebert said...

Wow, you ARE keeping busy! Good you have a way to stay out of trouble. ;))

Red said...

I can tell you're really up by doing these projects. You still have lots to keep you busy for a while. I have to repair some fence. Oh ya, before that, I have to fix my "dump truck" utility trailer so I can get the wood for the fence.

Kay said...

Great job with your organizing. It looks great! I'm having such a difficult time getting our projects done!