Thursday, 26 September 2013

Let's Talk Resilience! The Sustainability Project - 7th Generation Initiative

Press Release from Transition Perth: The Sustainability Project - 7th Generation Initiative
Together, Let's Talk Resilience on September 26th at the Perth Legion!

Resilience is our ability to respond constructively to changes and challenges in our world. Imagine everyone being secure, even if oil becomes too expensive to use excessively or if economic

uncertainty affects us on a larger scale.
  • Imagine everyone being healthy, even if the cost of food continues to increase or changes in our climate become more pronounced. 
  • Imagine everyone being happy, even in light of current downsizing trends or some forms of employment becoming more scarce. 
Potentially we could create local sources for energy, food security, transportation, and meaningful employment. We could choose to respond constructively to many of these changes and challenges, and celebrate together how our community adapted! Each of us hold parts of the knowledge, skills, vision, and enthusiasm to secure the future of our community.  Everyone is invited to participate in this engaging and interactive evening.  Let's share some food, exchange ideas, and explore some potential action plans toward building resilience in Perth and area.
What can individuals do?

Enjoy Yourself

  • The first, and most effective thing that anyone can do is to enjoy what life offers. Finding satisfaction within ourselves creates a foundation for a sustainable world. Turn off the TV; make friends; sing; dance; play music, sports and games; write letters, books, poetry, music; create; cook; sew; knit; paint; draw; sculpt; learn; love; laugh; talk with your kids, your neighbours, your friends; reach out to those less fortunate; pray; make love and appreciate nature. When one enjoys one's self, one is less likely to be influenced by the half trillion dollar annual advertising budget, which aims to convince us that we are inadequate and cannot be happy unless we buy the resource consuming products being sold. Read more...

Educate Yourself

Rivers sustain us

  • Read about the challenge and the goal: (i.e. Life, Money & Illusion, The Growth  llusion, Small is Beautiful, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, For the Common Good, The Long Emergency, Manufacturing Consent.)
  • View movies that speak to the issue (An Inconvenient Truth, The End of Suburbia, Who Killed the Electric Car & The High Cost of Low Cost, www.storyofstuff.comThe Century of the Self, "Crash Course" (in contemporary economics) etc.)
  • Attend classes on sustainability in any of its many forms.
  • Fast track your personal growth work so that you are ready to handle the emotional challenges that would come with a monetary crisis, health pandemic, climate chaos or extensions of the rich/poor divide.
  • Search out meaning and purpose in your life; empower yourself by nurturing your  nnate greatness; integrate mind, body and spirit - learn to trust your intuition, listen to your body and keep fit.
  • Distinguish between needs and wants and consider carefully which desires fulfilled today will undermine the well-being of (our) children and grandchildren.
  • Boat traffic
  • Learn how to build sustainably; conserve; plant trees; grow organically; compost. Full cycle nutrient management is a key element of a sustainable future. Building up the soil in our home areas is essential to being able to feed ourselves, our families and our communities in a post fossil-fuel world.

For more information on the event, e-mail us at
For more information on the worldwide Transition movement, click here.
For more background information, click here.

Check out this video about what is Transition explained by a member of Transition Troy, NY.

Troy, NY, a Transition Town from Olivier Asselin on Vimeo.


Kay L. Davies said...

Fabulous project, Jenn. And of course you know my views on sustainability.
Of course, being easily misled, I noticed a photo I haven't noticed before...Geraldine and friend. Or might it be Geraldine and offspring?
Am supposed to go out tonight, but I'm still tired from my crazy trip to the east coast. I think my solo travel is probably nearing its end. Out to the west coast to see my family, yes. To the east coast for a party with fellow bloggers, a bit much. And wasteful, too, which I must admit when we're on the subject of sustainability.
Luv, K

Kay said...

This is excellent, Jenn. I wish everybody could follow these good suggestions. Sadly too many people are wasteful and rather self-centered. I'm reading Dan Brown's book Inferno right now about overpopulation and it's scary.

Kay said...

This is just so weird. I just wrote a comment and it disappeared. I must have done something wrong. I just wanted to say I wish everybody would follow all you wrote in this post. It would make for a happier, better world.

Icy BC said...

What a wonderful project, and I hope many people will take part in it!

The Furry Gnome said...

Interesting ideas here. Good things to think about.