Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What is happening in your world?

I love sharing my life with my friends from far away. I love visiting my friends in places near and far. Our journeys are so much the same, as much as they are different wherever we live, whatever the climate, geography, weather, politics, our age, and stage, our history and our peoples. My blog buddies, and their comments, make my day.

We've had a thaw and my snowfolks have melted away. Such is the state of the January thaw.

The fog, from the temperature inversion, was moody.

The cats are happy the sidewalk is dry. They play on the caterpillar. Hubby watches his football.

Buster is a fabulous big brother. With the thaw, the field mice are accessible again. He had one for breakfast yesterday. Today, he must have caught two, as he shared one with baby Dorah. They are five months old, now. Happy little girls. It is a good life!

My happy Dorah. Tenderizing her mouse.
The goldfish pond began to melt.


Hilary said...

Looks like a lovely spot, snow, clear or in between. We're looking to find a place on a lake.. soon, I hope.

Red said...

In my world? I skated this afternoon and had a long coffee with the gang and met a new couple!

Karen said...

My big girl brought us a mouse the other day too! I'm not sure if she was bringing it to show her human family or showing it to the kitten so she can quit playing with tissues out of the wastebasket and get down to business.

caregiver/Gin said...

In my world, we watched the third snow storm of the season, and did physical therapy at home. Your photo of the pond is nice and the melting ice can be so inviting yet dangerous. Keep up the great work, Jenn!

Judy said...

The twins sure are getting big! Five months!! They will soon reach their full size!!