Thursday, 26 July 2012

My photo collection!

I have fun snapping photos of these. I'm up to 702 photos in this album. Isn't that silly? But it amuses me.

I can delete them off of my iPhoto application, knowing they are here when I want to look at them. I like to keep my saved photos at around 12,000. It's hard to delete photos of the grandkids, and the great memories. I have sold one photo of a horse and its rider, after covering the Coldwater Horse Show. She wanted an 8 x 10 for a keepsake. Does that make me a professional photographer?! It was lovely to help her out!

My daughter took this photo
of her children!
I photoshopped it!
For safety sake, I old post low resolution photos, as many are prone to stealing this intellectual property. Some even remove a pro's Watermark, and put in their own. Shameful. I don't know how the pros do it. It takes a lot of energy to market your photos, as well as ensuring they are not stolen. I just don't have it! As a teacher, I blogged with students in the 1990s, teaching them how to create web pages, take photos, and create a positive on-line persona, and how to avoid predators or bullying peers. I posted How-tos for my peers, had students teach my colleagues how to showing off their student's work. I enjoyed it very much, sharing my expertise. Now it is a hobby, with many, many wonderful blog buddies who celebrate each other's work or play.

These days I get 2 or 3 requests a day from publicists to read some client's book, and/or offering a promo contest for my readers. I just don't have the time to read them all! This is the issue with having a web presence. 

I usually respond to it with this stock message:

Due to an increasing demand, several requests per day, I simply don't have the time to feature every request, nor check its veracity, nor read all the books publicists want to send. 
Please be advised that I charge $50 for an adverpost. Profits go to my favourite charity, where I volunteer: Community Home Support & Hospice. I can post a short  information piece, about 250 words, and hotlinks. If this is unsuitable, please remove me from your email list.


Linda said...

I bet that cuts down on the requests, doesn't it?

Kay said...

I have fun looking at different license plates too. I am just hoping people will not steal photos from my blog, but I figure there's no real sure fire way to prevent it. What I've done is to reduce the size of my photos so it will become grainy if you try to enlarge it.