Saturday, 14 January 2012

What a storm!

Cold, snowy day!
Yes, another one. First, it started with freezing rain, then ice pellets.

The ice pellets were underneath all this snow. I began shovelling Friday night, in the balmy near zero C. temperatures.

Ice pellets were a pain!
The clacking was amazing.

Listen in the video! The oak leaves on the tree made a great sound, too.

covered in ice pellets

So much snow: total 20cm!
Then the ice pellets changed to snow, then back to rain, then back to snow! Giant flakes –you know the kind. The poor deer were covered in hail, then snow.

This morning the deer were huddled in the -20 C. temperatures.

trees sag with the weight of the ice pellets and then snow

The back deck: nearly 20 cm, my hand span is 8"!

A pretty morning, but very cold.

I had to do the driveway again!!!


Kay said...

Wow! You've got a long driveway to plow! Snow is sure pretty but hard to shovel. Looks like you're really getting a mixture of winter precipitation.

Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, amazing sounds. Are ice pellets different from hail or is it just an interprovincial difference in nomenclature? (Say that three times fast).
However, some of your photos show a real winter wonderland, Jenn, and will be wonderful to see when summer temperatures are above 30C.
Thanks for the show. We had a squiff of snow early yesterday, but dull clouds and +6 this afternoon. Some flurries in the forecast.
Time will tell.
PS, I love the photo of Jofee in the long yellow dress.

Olga said...

There are some trees that look like they are wearing droopy underpants.

Linda said...

Beautiful series of shots! Cold, freezing! Glad I am not there - but I enjoy viewing the snow and its beauty, from afar! Thanks for sharing them!

Red said...

Nice pure white snow! Mt sympathy to you and the shoveling. Quite a combination and the ice makes things really dangerous.
We're getting a little snow but it's going to get cold.

Vagabonde said...

I listened to the video and it made me thoroughly chilled! My body is too used to the Deep South now – I don’t think I would survive in your weather… too cold!