I've been seeing both the best and the worst in people. I've gathered a few tweets I don't want to lose in cyberspace. Don't mind me.

Here's a great graphic to explain Fake News!

Feb. 1st

Black History Month

Good read: Robert Reich

Sadly the trolls are coming out. The women's march has launched anti-female filth by vulgar men.

Political Satire is awfully funny.

It just gets worse and worse!
I did not watch. It is just wrong, what he has done. The international arts community has refused to participate. I respect that.  It is what it is, and we shall see what harm he can do to the vulnerable. He has drained the swamp and replaces the crocodiles with even more elite alligators, who can sell their souls for money.

Now, he is forcing his highly paid staff to spew lies. They have no credibility. He has them claiming 'alternative facts.'

All one can do is stand back, and watch it unfold. Trump's 'feel bad' is hanging out, and his Make America White peeps are cheering, chastising the rest of us. I wanted to be able to refer to some of these posts later, hence this page, rather than post.

Sadly, both CBC (News Network and radio)  and CTV, our Canadian all news channels, will broadcast it. Even the Toronto Star newspaper will have live tweets. The summary by The National was excellent.
The protests were great. Twitter is covering it enough for me.
Trump's most recent speech, AKA rant, was the same old same old: not presidential, more real estate mogul and TV star. His administration is unyet appointed and vetted. He is taking the weekend off. My only curiousity is around his speech, which will be reported. I doubt it'll be any different, but I have hope. Sadly, he isn't asking for help. Sadly, he doesn't listen to anyone. With family as advisors, likely afraid to speak truth to power, he is doomed.

We don't know what he will say. I expect more of the same.

A Limerick
Soon you inaugurate a president
The White House he soon will be resident
we'll miss the Obamas
who never had dramas
to watch it some millions are reticent

Then there was the WOmen's March

They just keep on posting!

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