Flora and Fauna of the Dominican Republic

Birds of the Dominican Republic

I managed to spot 15 birds, despite not leaving the hotel compound. It is a gated community and they spray to keep the bugs down.

  1. American Kestrel – flying over the compound.
  2. Bananaquit – everywhere, took 3 days to photograph one.
  3. Blackbird – it had yellow shoulders???
  4. Cattle egret – on the way to the airport
  5. Common ground dove – at the kiddie pool
  6. Common tern – video, diving for fish
  7. Flicker – in the swamp, a couple mushing.
  8. House sparrow – three in a row in the beach restaurant.
  9. Hummingbird – whizzed by.
  10. Kingbird – in the compound.
  11. Magnificent frigatebird – long tails, over the seashore
  12. Moorhen - introduced, in stream. AKA, Waterhen, or Swamp chicken.
  13. Muscovy duck – in stream.
  14. Palm chat – endemic.
  15. Tropical mockingbird – quite a few.
  16. Turkey vultures – saw 8 soaring above the highway.


These were at the airport!

Fishies of the Caribean

There were dead coral reefs in our swimming area. Caitlin had a kit in which she put her camera in order to take photos on the beach and in the water.

Other critters

Turtles, dead bees in the pool, lots of cats and a few dogs. Anoles.
I heard tree frogs in the night, but since we were usually in bed by 9:00, I didn't even try for photos!

tree frogs in the dark! Tree frog website for Haiti.
Hispaniolan green anole

Hispaniolan (or Haitian) slider (Trachemys decorata)

Insects (ant, beach biter), snails, butterflies, and moths

Orange butterfly, a little smaller than a Monarch, I simply couldn't capture.


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