Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Monday report: rain, Butch, hummers

  The day dawned. I woke with NO chills, NO headache, and I was so relieved. A bagel! I ate a bagel! It went right through me, but what can one do? 

The day wasn't perfect. As I sat here, trying to help JB find lightningmaps.org, I spilled my entire cup of coffee on my side table. You may giggle. It's OK. I swore. I did. I'm going to have to use some carpet cleaner on it, but not today. 

The only casualty was my fan. Now, we bought this fan on our 4th date in Cuba. I've broken one part of it, but otherwise it is good. It's a wonderful tool, for someone with power surges. I rinsed it off, but may have to do something else with it. Cinnamon inspected it, where it was drying in the bathtub. It smells like coffee!

We took off for a couple of days on Dec. 26, 2002, my birthday, while Caitlin looked after her brothers. They were due to stay with their father later that day. She drove us to the airport, in the minivan. 

Back to the present, I spotted a monarch sipping nectar from a clover blossom on Sunday. So lovely. You'll have to picture it in your mind, as I did not capture it.

We've had some nice summer heat, but today the call was for rain. I made JB go and bring my bench cushions in. Northern Ontario is getting a big storm. 

I decided to read on the back deck. Hoping to jinx it for some rain, I did! Coming indoors, however, it stopped. We are the stone in the river. The precipitation flows around us, breaking up over the land. I made JB put the cushions back out on the bench for me. It was lovely, in the wind, only two mosquitoes, sent to their demise. I still can't sit up for long. 

Having made some new hummingbird food in the morning, I cleaned and refilled the feeders in the afternoon. I'm taking small steps. Well, maybe not for the hummers. It's a big deal! My late mom's hummers used to peer in the window at me, after she died, if I didn't refill her feeders in good time.

My dear friend sent me a surprise. Bless your heart, Nat! She lives in Timmins. What a thoughtful thing to do. You see, I have friends, they are just far away. Bless her!

As I read on my bench I looked up, and there was Blond Butch, and Nutmeg. Cats have always had a peculiar relationship with Butch. surprise! 


Up top, on the deck, I'd noticed the cedar waxwings. They nested in one of the big pines one year. What I love seeing is that once the babies have fledged, they fly like a little squadron from large pine to large pine. This one landed in the lilac with another one. cedar waxwing  

We're watching another Britbox series, Bancroft, It's very dark, much like House of Cards, dark. It's a distraction, but it is cleverly written. It's almost like doomscrolling, as things go from bad to worse. Ya gotta love hating the evil female character! As we sat there watching, the heavens dumped rain.

We had 7.6 mm rain in about 10 minutes. Just a little pop-up cell. It was quite something. Today our high temperature is 12 C.  What's with this? 

 Unfortunately, this little storm went on to Mascouche, Quebec, and caused some havok, downing trees, damaging homes, and displacing 50 -100 people. The Red Cross was called in. Hooray for the first responders, too. Smashed windows, crushed rooves, and cars. A two-story house undergoing renos pushed off its foundations. We are grateful to be safe here. One dude opened his window to look, and couldn't get it shut, with debris flying into his house. Whoopsie. Lesson learned.

🍕JB hauled home a Hawaiian pizza for me for dinner. After food turning my stomach for a week, I had a craving. I'm sure there are protocols for those reintroducing their stomach to real food. I didn't follow them.  I was awake until 12:30 with cramps. Small steps! 

Today, with much relief, JB gets his quarterly cancer treatment injection. It's a process. He had a good PSA test last week, no change. He had his 2nd vaccine two weeks ago and, on the recommendation of our GP, and the pharmacist, after phone consults, he can now have his Lupron after this wait. Thankfully, he only has to go to out local GP's office in town, not Ottawa. It's complicated! 

We've no girls this week, as I recover. They had fun on Father's Day. They went strawberry picking, after doing up Papa's hair! Hooray for the photostream where we live vicariously. He's a good sport. They have so much fun. 


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Good to hear recovery is happening, slow but sure. We have grandson’s virtual graduation today.

Tom said...

...I am still waiting to see my first monarch.

Karen said...

So good to hear you are starting to recover. Baby steps my friend. Have you tried the BRAT diet to get your body to cooperate?

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Glad you have turned the corner and are on the mend, albeit slowly. That's okay. No rush required! YAM xx

Nancy J said...

You are both managing so well, I have read that after people are found after a long time starving, lost in the snow, desert or somewhere, they get egg whites, that coat the stomach lining??? Love the cat and Butch race!!! Go slowly, nothing spectacular that might hinder any slow recovery mode.XXX

RedPat said...

It sounds like you are on the rod to recovery for sure. Keep o chugging along! ;-)

Christine said...

So glad you are feeling better.

Anvilcloud said...

Wait! You went to Cuba together on just your 4th date?

I don't like Bancroft. I do like Wire in the Blood which I am getting on Acorn. There were about 5 seasons that run form about 02 to 07 or so. But I am finding them quite absorbing.

William Kendall said...

Your raccoons are quite active in the day.

I like the lightning maps site.