Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Gramma Camp in a time of COVID – Week 20 Monday

I tootled off to Hillside Gardens last week, to fetch something for Caitlin! Isn't it adorable?! 

A bit of snow outside. We're back to the cold weather. 

I bought myself a new banner. "What did the fox say?"
The frogpond, something was walking on it prior to final freeze up. I don't know how they know when it is safe!

That was quite the start to the day! No Google service. Sadly, we didn't have the day off, and it came back up before the 9:00 a.m. start.

Things got silly in the afternoon! Jos was playing with Cinnamon or Nutmeg. I forget who. Isabelle wore her Santa hat all day.

The OCDSB (their school board), in its infinite wisdom, came up with an exercise schedule. Bless their little hearts!

Parents - it is critical that you are supervising your child(ren) as they engage in these activities. Better yet - join in! Physical Education Log for you to use with your child... Choose any of these activities in any order to engage in daily physical activity for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. ..Progress should be recorded in the Physical Education log. Parents, please sign it at the end of every week and submit it to your child’s homeroom teacher. 

Printed the options,
stuck them on Isabelle's office door

I came up with a plan.  At afternoon break, 1:45 - 2:30, the girls can alternate exercise choices. Jos chose: 

Isabelle was a bit grumpy. I cannot imagine how some families will do this.  Jos and I began in the basement, but I was laughing so hard... With a sore arm it didn't go too well. Iz said that Jos wasn't doing it properly, her bum was too high in the air. She was taught this in gr. 3, she informed us. Iz made it to 33 reps, which wasn't bad. After this fiasco, they ended up having a tickle fight,  some wrestling, and then they played with the beach ball. Nutmeg, on the cat stand, was giving them side eye, as they were rambunctious and she was deeply suspicious. It was good exercise all around.

I brought some wood in and made a fire, while the girls horsed around. Grampa took off to his physio appointment.  

To answer your question, Jean, they get two weeks off, beginning on Friday, Dec. 18th. I dug out an old Christmas thingie I've had since 2000 or so. (I retired in 2006.) Since I had a multicultural classes, many celebrated Eid, so I took off the "CHRISTMAS" and replaced it with HOLIDAYS!  We always shared one another's December festivals. 

Josee's coworker wasn't going to wear his bell collar! None of the cats like it!

Cinnamon slept with the girls two nights ago, and a bit last night! Nutmeg declined! I went down the wake them up and Isabelle was on the floor. Apparently, the queen-sized mattress is bouncy and whenever anyone turns over the other bounces around. Oh my. It's not easy! Maybe we'll try blowing it up more.

COVID–19 cases are up in our health unit. Not near us, West Lanark (yellow),  but in the lower left quadrant. We are simply being careful, both of our households. I cannot imagine Ontarians getting the vaccine until late fall. It is a logistical nightmare of immense proportions. So many are in line ahead of us. 

Those poor workers... happily, they are beginning to give the vaccine to healthcare workers in Ottawa.

We're going to hunker down here.


Tom said...

...so you tootled, that's neat!

Anvilcloud said...

Something is not sitting right with them mandating phys-ed and making you log it. I think some things are best left to the families to work out on their own. Maybe I am a bit testy this morning.

RedPat said...

The exercise must have been fun!

William Kendall said...

It does feel like it's getting colder by the day.