Saturday, 16 April 2016

Grandsitting PD Day April 15th

Thursday, April 14

We met halfway, at St. James Gate pub. I reserved a table online, which I'm glad I did! It was the place to be! The kid's menu is also a colouring page, which was fun!

Off we went home.

Friday, April 15th

Morning cartoons, Wild Kratts videos, TV breakfast, and all was well with the world on Friday.
Breakfast was toast, with toe jam! Grampa went shopping. He has a sense of humour, but refrained from buying the 'Middle-aged spread' to send home to mommy and papa!

Next on the agenda, playing a game, then painting toe nails. That was soon followed by outdoor play. 

We had a picnic on the front porch after working up an appetite. Grampa brought us a treat for dessert.  Jos cut the cake into 4 pieces. Sadly, Jos dropped her piece on the ground. She was served another piece!

Isabelle and I repainted the outdoor sculptures with spray paint. She was a great helper.

Jos was relaxing in the new lean-to they'd been working on. Izzy and I went down to the frog pond. The trailcam captured photos, including three pairs of wood ducks, maybe four.

AFter her third soaker, in fact falling right in, Iz had a warm bath, then snuggled in bed reading. After dinner, they decided to go back outside and work on their lean-to. They are covered in scratches, Isabelle needed a bandaid (running screaming up to the house) and, after gramma stories, they went down really well!

They go home Saturday afternoon, after mommy goes with her colleagues to play archery tag. She is a hydrogeologist, but they do all sorts of fun things after hours!


Anvilcloud said...

It was a fine day to be out wit the kiddies. We're about to head up the street from the Gate to Dionysios for breakfast.

DUTA said...

It would seem your little granddaughters are "manageable" both indoors and outdoors, and that you and your hubby know exactly how to make them happy.
The wonderful pictures reveal the fact that it was a great time for all four of you.

William Kendall said...

It sounds like you've enjoyed yourselves- even if bandaids are part of the equation.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What fun you guys do have! I'm definitely too old for 'middle-age spread' ... that jam company has a great sense of humor. My grandsons would have loved toe jam (when they were the age your girls are .... oh, heck they probably still would.)

Nancy J said...

This all needs to be in a book, I love the way you tell us how the day went, the photos, specially the water reflections, and falling in!!! What a treat for the littlies, your daughter must so appreciate the fun times you both give to them,. Hugs from here to you.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
More fine memories for young minds to store!!!... but wait, is that sock-less feets in sandals I spy??? YAM xx

Red said...

Grandma had a lot of fun!

Debbie said...

looks like everyone had a blast, including grandma!!! i love on-line reservations, so much better than waiting!! happy spring, sure looks like you are making the best of it!!!!