Friday 12 December 2014

My day behind blog!

All teachers in Ontario must keep a Day Book. Some principals used to make us fill in our day books for a week at a time, and would spot check them. This helps if you suddenly had an absence, and the occasional teacher could more easily fill in.  A good occasional teacher, worth her salt, would come prepared with materials and lessons plans.

My beautiful late friend, Marion Landry, who taught kindergarten for years, called it her Day Behind Book.
 She died of a stroke March 31st, 2014. She was such a fun, funny woman. Always had a laugh.
Marion would fill in what they did in her classroom, after they did it. She got so frustrated with our principals and their newest, biggest ideas. This means a lot less work; you don't have to erase things when, say, a Principal calls a surprise fire drill, or forgets to tell you about something going on, or you have a snow day! I think Muskoka has had 4 Snow Days this fall!

Here is my day behind blog, from our snow day. It was a big storm, circling counter-clockwise and moving up the continent towards the Maritimes.
We had 15 cm of snow
The storm keeps on spinning CCW!
West Quebec had quite the dump!
Apparently, every province had a watch or warning of some sort!
Vancouver has some flooding. The prairies have had big winds and snow.
The Maritimes have been hard hit by this Nor'easter!

NA Satellite

Part of this big storm – west of Lake Ontario
CBC Ian Black's weather equipment


Anonymous said...

I remember those day books, always had to be a week in advance and you always had to change them is the lesson was a bit slow or even a bit fast. Pencil and erasers were life savers in those days. Like your friend I got to filling in just the bare bones and added the extras at the end of the day. You never knew when someone would pop in, sit at your desk and thumb through the day book. And you were not supposed to take it home with you, in case you were absent. Ah, the things I don't miss about teaching.

William Kendall said...

One of my brothers lives out in Nova Scotia, so anytime a nor'easter blows through, he's getting it.

Red said...

In the last few years my plan book was on automatic pilot. When I checked the automatic pilot wasn't working! 17 years ago admin didn't snoop through plan books.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Weather algorithms and charts are always so very pretty...... sigh... we just had our first major winter storm and a fair smattering of the white stuff. Delightful December! YAM xx

Powell River Books said...

I used to be one of those nasty principals. I didn't made teachers turn in their plan books, but I did require them to make a substitute packet that could be pulled out in an emergency if they couldn't come in. That way the sub at least had something to use if the plan book wasn't up to date. Of course, the best subs had a bag of tricks they brought with them. - Margy

Jenn Jilks said...

Yes, the good old days. We also had to submit plans by semester, then monthly. Yes, the things I do not miss!