Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sady's Saga

Sady on the Princess towel!
She loves hubby. Me, not so much.
Poor, old Sady. She's had this awful nasal congestion, which sounds like snoring. It was getting worse. She sounded like Darth Vader. I told hubby, if her nose isn't running yellow or green, it's a cold virus, and not bacterial, therefore wouldn't respond to antibiotics. She didn't have a fever, and she's been eating well.

Her behaviour is normal: glaring at her feline siblings, going outdoors in the late afternoons. She's been sneezing and snorting and having all sorts of issues, especially when she grooms. Finally, the other day she sneezed and it ended up on the door. It was opaque. OK, time for action.

Her appointment was for Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. and it was  just after 2!

Don't look at me, Mommy!
I was out feeding the birds. Suddenly, hubby, wearing gloves and long sleeves, called me in. He'd chased Sady through 4 rooms and she was pissed off! We cornered her in the basement, I ran to grab her, and she ran into the basement back room, across the treadmill, then back around me, snarling and hissing. <SIGH> JB managed to grab her, with his gloves, and we poured her into the carrier.

We saw the vet, and she confirmed everything.
The vet couldn't look into her ears, so she cleaned them out. I told Sady it was like a spa day! Temperature taken in her behind, stethoscope on her chest, she was quite docile with the vet.

She opened Sade's mouth, and she was breathing well through her mouth. Off went our vet, to talk to the other vet. The two women chatted, and said that there was a condition called Nasopharyngeal Polyps in cats. Benign growths that end up blocking the easy breathing of a feline.

It was funny, as our vet was quite keen to pursue the problem and solve it. Scientist, she must be! She asked if we could bring her back tomorrow. We explained that dooface wouldn't be catchable for another week. Our vet disappeared again, and she came back- saying they'd do it today, and we would have an answer of some sort. Her peer had seen polyps in vet college, but it is quite rare.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the problem. They put Sady under sedation and excavated her nose, taking out the mucous as best they could. It seems as if it is only her left nostril. She might have inhaled something, there
She likes holding his hand!
was a bit of blood. Hubby paid the bill, $356, we'll dip into the LOC again! We brought her home, and she was a bit woozy from the anaesthetic. She has to keep on taking anti-inflammatory drops, put into her food. She is still pretty mad at us! It took a day for her to calm down enough to remove her lovely bandage!
She was a rescue cat, found in Quebec, bought in a pet store which only features rescued cats.

She had conjunctivitis, June 2002.
She has always had dietary issues, and all the cats have to eat hypoallergenic vet-sold food. This makes her much better, but it is a bit pricey!
She also has had a problem drooling. At one point, in winter, she was licking ice off of the frosted window. We think her tongue stuck to it. It was raw and she was in pain.

They like watching sports together!

glaring at someone

Bala walkies!


Ela said...

What a beauty ! She looks like a little tiger. And she is very photogenic :)
Jennifer, I wish you a nice Sunday :)

EG CameraGirl said...

Ohm Poor Sady! I hope she is breathing easier now!

Anonymous said...

Poor girl! Hope she feels better soon.

Hilary said...

I hope you get to the bottom of it quickly. I bet she's sleeping better than you are with all that snoring. Poor baby.

Red said...

You're going to have to make friends with Sadie.

Jenn Jilks said...

I've tried, Keith! She just doesn't need or want another friend. Hubby is hers. She sleeps between us on the bed when the others are not around!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely photos, she's a beautiful cat. Hope she recovers soon

William Kendall said...

She's such a beauty. In the video clip you posted, I was struck by the sound of her breathing, which is not normally a sound we pick up on.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Oh gorgeous Sady, hope all the snissues and grumples resolve themselves sure are getting the best of care!!! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx