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Perth Courthouse history, maps, excavation, 1815

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The city of Perth, ON, created a report on the St. Andrew's Church, and Lanark County
St. Andrew's Church on Craig St.
The courthouse is on Drummond St.
Courthouse Property.

It includes various maps of the area, as well as some history.

Originally, the Courthouse land held several buildings, including St. Andrew's Church, but they have gone. March 11, 1923, there was a fire, and the church was in ruins. More church history can be read here. The first building on the property was a log cabin in the S.E. corner, in 1815. It was built by the tavern keeper, John Adamson, even though his inn was on Drummond St. After Rev. William Bell arrived in 1817, Adamson let the town use his building as a schoolhouse. It was also used for church meetings. After 1819, the grammar school was taken over by the Anglicans. The school operated until 1832, when the St. Andrew's Church was built.

They decided to study and excavate the grounds, where the school and church originally stood, in 2007. It is an interesting report for those so inclined.  Perth Historical Society has a great website. They list books and reports.
Archaeological examination of the old St. Andrews Church Site (4.4 Mb PDF)

Courthouse lies off Drummond St. 
There have been some changes!
Love the cursive writing.

Excavations were done in
what is now the Courthouse Parking lot

What was a schoolhouse,
is now a parking lot for the courthouse.
This is about 52 Drummond St.
Read more here (PDF)
From Google: St. Andrews (new building),
Courthouse, parking lot, where church was originally.
38-52 Drummond St E Perth, ON

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