Tuesday 18 February 2014

Backyard in winter, cats and deer, coyote

Daisy and Buster on the bench
 Time to go out and play in the sunshine. The cats were already out there.

The fresh air is wonderful.
The sun a delight.
It's warmth negates some of the cold temperatures of the night time.
We've been having -20 C. temps for the past few weeks.

I went out to join them.

 Daisy followed me out to the backyard.

snoozing by the tree

Too bright, mommy!

Fuzzy Bambi

As she slept, the deer wandered about

She heard them, heard birds above her head

All was well, I took out my videocam to capture some video of Daisy. Then we heard the coyote barking.


Kay L. Davies said...

I love the photo of Daisy snoozing by the tree in the sun. Lindy was outside our south-facing back door today, sunbathing.
I don't dare think of spring yet, but the sunshine is lovely.
Hugs, K

Debbie said...

There is nothing more beautiful then snow and sunshine!! Your fur babies are so beautiful!!

Kay said...

-20 degrees C? Holey Moley! That's awful! I'm surprised their fur is sufficient to protect them from the cold. It doesn't look nearly enough.