Friday, 17 January 2014

Watch out for thin ice!

I went down to the RVCA park Feb. 1st, 2013. We'd had a freeze thaw, as usual. Some of the men
Danger! Thin ice!
were there, concerned about their ice fishing huts. With the recent freeze, thaw, freeze (familiar story, now), they were worried about their trailers and huts. Many huts were sitting drunkenly in the ice.

It is a lesson in being a weather watcher, and checking into cottage country weather on a regular basis.

What I thought was cool, was that they were helping one another get their trailers back onto firm ice. The issue was, they said, that some people had dug out test holes, which are important to avoid as you drive over to your own hut.

None wanted to take their 3-ton trucks across the ice. This man took his ATV, and was pulling another man's hut free.

This hut was sinking, Feb 1, 2013!
There was a sense of team work,
as frantic people helped the owner get it out of the rut.
It wasn't safe enough for the trucks to travel on the thin ice.

Ice Fishing Huts from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

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