Monday, 18 November 2013

What about black cats?

A sad story about a rescue cat (see below) , she had 9 kittens, hand fed by a human foster mom.
grooming and napping
-both are good activities

Update: Three weeks after they were born, all nine kittens remain up for adoption. Thompson took them to last weekend’s Pet Expo. “People would look at them and say how cute they were, then they’d go to the next booth and pay $1,800 for a Bengal kitten that didn’t even have its shots,” she said. She says the kittens are victims of ‘black cat syndrome.’

We've had 5 black cats: Sable, Max, Oliver, Buster, Felix. 'Luck' is a mysterious concept, in terms of cats. If they need a home, we'll give them one.

I've read, Black cats less likely to be adopted at shelters

It is very sad. There is research to show that the colour of a cat gives us an idea of their personality.

Buster and Dorah ~ just hangin'

The black coat was likely the first colour mutation of the wild tabby-patterned that were the ancestors of today's domestic cats. 

In an article that appeared in the March, 2003 issue of NewScientist, “Black cats may be the more fortunate felines.” Research showed that ebony felines may have a health advantage over other cats. The gene for melanism, which makes their fur black, may be able to prevent certain viruses or bacteria from entering their cells, making them more resistant to disease than cats with lighter-colored coats.

Sady, hubby's cat
Genetics are interesting! "Blotched tabby and black are both caused by recessive genes. Two black cats will beget more black cats." Buster has an underlying dark brown tabby colouring in the sun.  

Young rescued feline and litter are survivors

 A young, frail, black stray cat was noticed by a kind person who started feeding the little feline and quickly made a phone call for help. The young feline was…


Bill Nicholls said...

I had a black cat It broke my heart when he was put down, swore I'd never have another

Kay L. Davies said...

I have heard all the black cat taboos, but they sure wouldn't stop me. I want to say "I'll take them all" and if Lindy were a herding dog, I'd do it.
I still want to say I'll take three of them, but they would try the old girl's patience something fierce.
So please give Buster a big hug from me and tell him I think black cats are wonderful, especially if they really are healthier than other cats.
Love, K

Judy said...

I have a black cat now, with the totally original name Miss Kitty Cat, and she is such a sweetheart!!! Now if Annie would just stop barking at her, maybe she would stop hiding in the basement...
I have to admit that the colours of some of the purebred cats are wonderful, but all the cats I have had have been rescues, from one place or another!

eileeninmd said...

Cute kitties and photos! I have to admit I am more of a dog person! Have a happy week!