Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My councillor says...what does Rob Ford say?

Not much. Mayors Behaving Badly  is a great site.

Then, there is the Rob Ford Must Go website.
They have gathered unanswered questions for him.

"STUFF" this councillor says, although I'm glad I'm not in the City of Toronto anymore! This is when he was a councillor, before he rose to his position of incompetence.
He's missed 19% of meetings (84/440) but swears he's been at them all.
There are several No Rob Ford and Rob Ford Must Go websites popping up!
This one dispels the myths that the man saved a billion dollars, myth by myth.

I.E., 3) “I’ve saved over a billion dollars.”


As the Star has previously explained: hundreds of millions of Ford’s claimed savings are phantom “efficiencies” that did not save the city money at all; $200 million of the claimed $1 billion is from the elimination of the car tax, which is not a government “savings” in any traditional sense; $24 million is from hiking user fees, which is money out of people’s pockets — and, crucially, Ford has not counted the costs of his other decisions. If he is counting the elimination the car tax, for example, it is only fair to count the imposition of a new $745-million tax to pay for the Scarborough subway extension. The net figure is nowhere close to $1 billion.

They also have fake candidates who promise to smoke dope not crack!

This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Oct. 5/10
"Roads are built for buses, cars and trucks, not for people on bikes, and my heart bleeds for them when they get killed, but it's their own fault at the end of the day."

Re: homelessness
 "This is an insult to my constituents to to even think about having a homeless shelter in their ward. And you want to have a  public meeting to discuss this? We should have a public lynching."

What Does The Fox Say? <=This is a fun video, made when a couple of personalities were given some money.
22 Minutes has adapted it!

What Does Rob Ford Say? by This Hour Has 22 Minutes. AND Super Ford Brothers!

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