Thursday, 28 November 2013

Holy Hannah - that was some snowfall

Here is a photo from Tuesday!
Yes, after the snow fell overnight Tuesday, I dragged out the snow blower. My shoulders
are somewhat out of practice, lifting that sucker about, but sidewalks are clear, and the driveway fairly bare. I went outside around 8:30, happy to play in the heavy, deep snow. Whilst we slept, the snow came in.
She didn't like the snow machines,
400m across the lake.
Hubby and his cat, Sadie,
 our for walkies on the lake ice, 2009
Here is Sadie in Feb. 2010
in Bala
Then, I remember the good, old days when we walked cats on the ice in -20 C. temperatures!

But back to our Wednesday morning...
I knew I had to get it cleaned off before it froze. I used the blower on the driveway and the steps. Then went to fetch shovels and the roof rake.

About to clear the side walk, first, before footprints packed it down and made it more difficult to shovel, I realized that all of the shovels were in the backyard shed. Crikey. What was I thinking?

Thermometer: 4º C.
 It's a shame for the Americans who celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. There are hundreds of delays, many accidents across many regions.
They estimate 30 fender benders in Ottawa. Dummies, and those who cannot afford snow tires.

Heavy winds are on their way to the Maritimes, perhaps to exceed 100 km/h. It's quite a time across many areas, with a 40-car pile-up near Edmonton due to the fog. I'm not complaining at all with 20 cm (8") of snow!

After getting soaking wet, with sweat and melted snow, I went to the back, and removed snow from the trees, as best I could. There is a trick to that.
  • Firstly, wear a coat with a hood. 
  • Next, run around the tree and do the lower branches first. 
  • Then, grab the roof rake. Yes, sounds silly, but it works well. I found that out last time we have heavy snow and lost more than a dozen branches off of my huge, old pine trees. 
  • Here are the heavily laden trees at 7:49 a.m.
  • Keep your head down!

Here are before and after shots!
Here they are 'after!' 
Hopefully, we'll get some winds that will blow the snow from the tree tops, but they won't overload the lower branches this time.

Next, thinking I was done, I went indoors to warm up around 11:15. I popped on the CBCNN, to check out the news. Bad news everywhere, the satellite dish was covered in snow. Put on wet coat, grab wet gloves (why get another set of clothes wet?!) and back outside.

My angel looks pregnant!
My angel a month ago!
Back out I went, up the ladder with the snow rake to clear it off. Finally, a hot shower and maybe a coffee. Where did the day go? It's about 4º C., and I hope the snow melts a bit more from off of the dish.


Bill Nicholls said...

I loke snow but I don't envy what you had to do

eileeninmd said...

Oh yes , you have a blanket of white. No snow here, just a snow shower yesterday. Have a happy day and enjoy your snow!

Red said...

You had a lot of fun in one day just because of snow! I hope that things clear up for you and that you don't get another big dump of snow.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
...why am I thinking of Narnia?...

&*> YAM xx

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I grew up in snow country in Utah and know the importance of shoveling as soon as possible. It makes it a lot easier. Also there is a technique to shoveling and where to put the snow so you are not reshoveling it when it snows again. My neighbors make fun of me when I take the snow or ice off the trees but our trees are about the only undamaged trees in the neighborhood.

Al said...

I'm jealous of your snow - we haven't had a major snowfall yet this year.

Christine said...

wow winter has come early this year!

Kay said...

Ahhhh... The roof rake! I forgot all about having to do that after a big snowfall. It's fun to remember.