Sunday, 17 November 2013

♪♫♩Happy birthday to hubby!

Happy man!
We had a birthday party.
Hubby's not a big one for parties, but too bad!
The day before hubby's actual birthday, he set up the iPod speaker, told me to sit in the chair, and began to dance to the music!

Any thoughts what it was?

♪♫ ♪♫♩"Will you still feed me / Will you still need me / When I'm 64?"

I've been under the weather, and he went to a local Dutch deli and ordered himself an apple pie.
We didn't have a deep dish pie plate, so he went out and bought one to give to them to fill.
He was quite pleased with himself. I felt badly that I had this flu bug.

Now, what do you get a man who has four cats, an acreage where he can go for walks, who doesn't need much?

'Secret' stash
His friends asked, and I sent titles. They were sent, and safely arrived, then stashed.
They were set to go in my closet. Just for fun, for the girls entertainment, I'd included a box of DVDs hubby had ordered from Acorn, a couple of which will be Christmas presents for others. It just made for some more fun!

The plan was in place. My kids had all chipped in for the BIG present.
We could tell when they
stopped for biscotti in Perth!
The kids left the city for their visit. JL set his smartphone up for This tracks his location, and lets us know when they are about to arrive. It's a very helpful tool. I can warn Daisy, who is afraid of strangers, and put on the kettle just in time for their arrival. It's much fun that the kids are teaching us about cool apps! We don't have a smartphone, but it is fun to learn about such things!
Glympse tells us how fast they are driving, shows us exactly where they are, and their ETA.

They arrived and unloaded. With great joy we had hugs and kisses and big smiles.
Here they are!
Lunch was on the menu, do-it-yourself sandwiches and salads, after a playtime and a chat.

'Joe Pie'
double, deep dish apple pie

Then pie and 'Happy Birthday!'

Hubby's actual birthday was the day before and, rightfully so, he had had pie after lunch on his birth day, as well as dinner, and breakfast!

I stuck candles in what was left, and we had a fine presentation.

Elf Josie, fetched presents from the closet with Izzy's help. Josie pushed the big one (with the two pictures) all the way down the hall – all alone! The smiles on the Josie and Izzy's faces were priceless. They quite enjoyed making sure Grampa had a great birthday. Fortunately, hubby totally forgot about our big trip to Pakenham to buy the painting.

Weeks ago, I knew he wanted to buy a train picture from an artist in Pakenham.
We'd visited during an artisan tour.

Took him weeks to choose just one, after he'd narrowed it down to two pictures. We had a wonderful day trip back.
He bought, he thought, one. I had secretly emailed Paul, and asked him to wrap up the two, and hubby wouldn't know. I used my charge card, and hubby didn't know how much they cost.

I TOTALLY surprised him! And he is a hard man to surprise, not to 
mention hard to find good presents for; he has few things he wants and specific tastes!

JL set up just as he was leaving, and we knew they arrived home safely, in the dark, which saves them a phone call whilst unloading girls from the vehicle and getting dinner ready.
Isn't technology grand?!
Hubby and Paul Perreault


Red said...

Well, happy birthday to the big guy. It's great that the relies have spent time and thought to come up with super gifts for the guy.


Hope your husband has a great birthday celebration!!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Sounds like a perfect day for your guy!

Christine said...

What a wonderful birthday! Thanks for sharing the joy!

Hilary said...

Awww what a wonderful way to celebrate. Yours sounds like such a sweet family. Happy Birthday to your hubbie.

EG CameraGirl said...

Sounds like your hubby had a great birthday!