Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Westport Fall Colours Studio Tour

Another photo of the colours - crops ready for harvest
We had a fun excursion. It's a beautiful time of year for driving tours.

We only went to one spot: The Enchanted Forest.
With several people displaying their items, including the host, photographer Brian Mantrop, and Kathy Cashman, who makes interesting clothing, it was a grand showing.

They had a couple of guests, including the potter who made our compost pot, which we bought in Gravenhurst in 2008!
Studio Tour

It was a wonderful drive.
Enchanted Forest

L'il Crow Cafe merchandise
We purchased David's CD.
He also does carvings.
David's Medicine Wheel
The photo frame was from another trip!
David R Maracle (left) is a clever, creative man!
They showed me how to realign the feathers.
I've forgotten the name of the artist (right).

Clothing by Kathy Cashman
I'm wearing one of her pieces below
Entirely off-grid: The Enchanted Forest Studio
very intriguing spot
No treble finding a nice piece by Ray Scott!
On the way home we stopped by another studio.
Ray Scott's Studio: Pine Spirit Studio
Vulture flyby



Love the bird photos you shared in your previous post. AND in this post, that pumpkin turkey is sweet!!!

Joe Todd said...

A lot of fun

The Furry Gnome said...

We enjoy those fall studio tours too. Visited several places this weekend on two different nearby tours. Found a new photo studio with spectacular landscape pictures of the area. I'll be going back there!

Phil Slade said...

You have some lovely shots there Jennifer. Love the one but last - it brings back memories of Canada for me.

Cloudia said...

Fall magnificence!

Am so jEalous!


Kay L. Davies said...

You can be sure that if I ever convince Dick to drive out to Ontario, it will be in the fall. Gorgeous colours, Jenn, and so many interesting places to visit.
(Hmm. What do your cats think of large, lazy dogs?)
Luv, K

Red said...

Lots of great photos on art and fall colors. There's lots to get out and see and do.

Wandering Wren said...

Wow - that looks a great trip, there is lots to admire in your photos, very interesting.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, much appreciated;)
Wren x

Judy said...

Love the vulture fly-by!!!