Sunday, 20 October 2013

October rainfall –what a storm!

What a storm rolling in. We spent the morning on the On Common Ground Studio Tour (20th anniversary). Much fun!
Rideau Lake –clouds roll in
It was a lovely 15 C., with some sun. Eventually, the clouds rolled in. A perfect day for a studio tour. We made it home to beat the rain. The radar shows 4:00 p.m., a heavy dump of rain, then the larger picture with more to follow. In total, it was 15mm.
Arriving home to grumpy cats who'd been in all morning and afternoon, I took them for a forest walk. No sooner did we get into the forest when the thunderboomers started.
Daisy looked in the direction of the noise, but wasn't too upset. Being so wee, she is quick to
startle, and always on guard.
Buster and Daisy

Rideau Lakes signage– a lovely display

Buster, on the left, on the bench!
The catalpa tree leaves are turning.

I love the contrast of the light reflected on the leaves, with the dark sky.
We've had worse, and better!

Buster was happy to sit with me on the front porch. Dorah wanted no part of it and wanted in.
Daisy (AKA Buster Jr.) took off back down into the forest. It boomed, it got darker, lighter again, then dark. Clouds rolled by.
Nope, Dorah wanted indoors.
The rain started. Thick, heavy drops, smashing into the golden leaves remaining as if to say, 'get off with ye!'
Daisy showed up, and sat on under the bench. All of us took shelter indoors!

2013 Rainfall   
OCT  mm

6-Oct 6
7-Oct 26
13-Oct 5
18-Oct 20
19-Oct 15


Judy said...

That sure was a storm, wasn't it!!! I left my potting soil scoop on the patio, so I could measure the water - an inch and a half!!! Almost 4 cm. Guess husband doesn't need to water the new tree the city planted on Friday...

Powell River Books said...

I bet our Stick Tail will be grumpy when we get home. We spent the night in town last night. We left him home alone because it is so hard on him to travel at his age. We left strict orders not to let the mice in to play. - Margy

Red said...

Surprising how many things happen as a storm is approaching. We have had a very dry fall which is just fine as harvesting can be completed.

Kay L. Davies said...

That's enough rain for me. I'm with Dorah!