Tuesday 8 October 2013

Muskoka Trip Part V: Gravenhurst Bay, the wharf, our hotel room!

There is always a heron in the bay.
The first night of our trip, we stayed overnight in a Gravenhurst hotel. It used to be a pretty bay, but they filled it all in with a few buildings.
I have photos of the process. It broke the heart of many a Muskokan.
They added condos, then built the hotel between the condos and the bay. In the good old days, seniors had condos in Toronto, then the cottage in Muskoka. THis is the reverse. The beautiful vista, as you rounded highway #169, is virtually gone.
The steamships in the bay are difficult to see. Businesses downtown have been hard-hit. The family-run drug stores, artisan shops, crafts, book stores, have been closing at a great rate. It's sad that they have paved paradise to build a parking lot. The market is held in a park on the bay, which draws customers away from the downtown.

The hotel under construction!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Got behind on reading and just had a lovely time in parts 2 through 5 of your beautiful vacation. It felt just like I'd been along for the rid That is some seriously beautiful country up there. Lovely memories for you guys I'm sure... this nice trip proves that you really can "go home again."

Red said...

Same thing out here. On our little lakes huge complexes are built and they block public access to the lake.

Louisette said...

Wonderfull lake, and place,

Have a nice day Greeting from Belgium
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