Monday, 16 September 2013

Do you like the changing seasons?

We just celebrated three years living in this home. I am always finding something new to
Buster watches out for his little sisters
The garden, well-loved and carefully tended by three green thumb families, is a blessing. It blooms all three seasons. The forest, I adore. Taking the cats for walkies amongst the trees, smelling the moss, hearing the wind, watching for new birds, brilliant colours, keeping an eye out for new critters, is such a rewarding time for me.
I keep on finding new flora and fauna; bugs and birds. I didn't know we had ladyslippers, I didn't see them bloom. The spring bugs were pretty bad.
The stump stabbers were a shock, with their 5" long ovipositors. I found three on the stump yesterday. The asters have lots of visitors. One photo shows a bee, wood nymph and fritillary on the same plant, in the same shot!
The goldfinch have already begun turning from gold to olive green.
The hummers are still here, although it won't be long before they depart for southern climes.
I'm tired of gardening. Fighting with the bugs and the yellow jackets, as well as the poisonous plants, like Water parsnip. I've worked hard, the pots overflow with lovely petunias, but I'm ready for fall.
The berries hang heavily on the trees and bushes. Wasps have created paper nests, our bear has hauled it down from the tree! A silly chipmunk sits on the fallen pine tree, a product of a summer storm. It watched as the cats approached, then ran off, chittering all the way.
People ask if I leash my three felines, but I do not. They just follow me through the forest. Buster will come to the door and ask for a walkie.
Daisy sat on a branch, over the wetland water, her tail getting wet, happy as a clam. Usually, they spread out, but yesterday they all seemed to hang out together!
Geraldine bullfrog is happily rotund, she sits in the dark snapping up insects at the side of the pond. Otherwise, she watches for prey all day from the plant pot. Soon, she will hunker down in the pond, under the ice. She used a green frog as ballast, then hauled herself up into the pot. In late fall she is a quiet, slow-moving submarine, sleepily travelling the bottom of the pond.
Our World Tuesday
Stew is in the crock pot. Biscuits baked.
Fall; bring it on!


Kay said...

Wow! Fall already? I'm amazed at your beautiful macro photos. Nature seems to stand still for you.

Anonymous said...

I saw your strange looking wasp/bug! Your photos are fantastic!

Barb said...

Your photos say "fall!" I used to have a kitty who went on forest walks with me. I love the red twig dogwood berries - they look like eyeballs.

Christine said...

beautiful photos, you are fortunate to live where you do, away from the madding crowds.

DeniseinVA said...

Fantastic post Jenn. You've captured everything I love about Fall. Your sweet cats are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Fall is coming here too. I like these shots a lot!

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful nature scenes! I love spring, summer and fall. I would be extremly happy if we could skip winter. Lovely photos, have a happy day!

Judy said...

Wonderful images!!! I have never heard of a stump stabber, but it sure looks scary!!! I love the hummer!!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Has it been three years? Time flies and I think you are making good use of it.

Unknown said...

Very fall!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Olga said...

Yes, great photos, as usual. I like fall once it is here, but I tend to get a little bit depressed at the very first few signs that is near--usually in mid to late August.
We had our first frost this morning, but the sun is finally out so I feel like going out to work in the garden.

Red said...

I think many gardeners feel burned out at this time of year. Some people have a lot to attend to over the summer. However, you did take a lot of excellent photos.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oh Jenn this is a beautiful post - I too enjoy the changing seasons; it happens even in the tropics, but I do miss the true autumn and spring. That will be mine again very soon!

Thanks for all the recent comments. Vis-a-vis an earlier comment, I have made Tuesdays at YMAandalascope a "trace out" day - you can download and print off for your students!! of the first things I will do back in Sydney is put on a bit pot of vege-lentil stew and make herby dumplings. Your stove shot had me drooling!! YAM xx

Karen said...

I love autumn, great photos!

Hilary said...

Your photos are wonderful.. and your enjoyment of the cooler air equally so. Yes, I do love the changing season.. I love when it changes from winter to spring. ;)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh Jenn, wonderful article and pictures.... I remember when you moved to the new place; can't believe it's been three years!

I like seasonal changes except when Autumn turns to Winter and (as you know) we avoid that one like the plague.