Monday, 15 October 2012

Muffin Muncher went to Wheelers Pancake House!

We've passed this place many times, but not at a meal time. During our recent visit to see the Purdon Orchid Conservation Area and the Ted Mosquin Trail, we popped in.

They close over the winter, after Canadian Thanksgiving in October, and we popped in on the Friday before. What fun!

The leaves were grand.

The property is well-worth a walkabout.

The artifacts in the museum were amazing.
From Wheelers Pancake House
What a delicious place, with many activities for the kids. Like great entrepreneurs, they have walking trails, kids' play areas, chainsaw museum, a working forge, and all that jazz!

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Red said...

Now what about the pancakes? You didn't tell me about pancakes and they are my favorite!
Many times kids are forgotten in our world. We still want to think of them as little adults. good fro these guys to put things in for kids.