Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Last rainfall update - I think!

My sophisticated system! 
 October Rainfall
date amount (mm)
3 20
6 25
11 5
15 28
Total 78 mm

September: 193.5 mm
Saturday, Sept. 8th we had 86.5 mm in one day!
August total: 1.7 mm.
Mom & Dad's urns rest here
in their beloved Muskoka

I'm thinking this might be the last rainfall data I will be collecting. Once the snow flies, I'll put it away for the winter and get out my trusty ruler!
Sitting in Bala Cranfest bumper-to-bumper traffic,
listening to Moose FM
I noticed it was 5 C.! 

I was visiting Muskoka last weekend. (No - it is NOT *The Muskokas!) There was hail as I was cleaning up my parent's gravesite for winter! Hearty Cranfest visitors had their umbrellas up, but I spotted one women in capris pants and flip flops getting into her car!

Muskoka 'Snowmageddon 2009'
I have fond memories of Snowmageddon 2009, when Muskoka had between 65 cm (at our home) and up to 160cm further north and/or east.
I find it hard to find information on rainfall or snowfall, as it varies a great deal within a region. I decided to record the information myself!
The Lake Effect Snow, where winds pick up moisture from the great lakes and dumps it east over Muskoka, dumped on us that Friday/Saturday.

*There is only one Muskoka, it is not: 'The Muskokas'. Muskoka is probably named for Mesqua Ukie, the Ojibwa leader associated with the area during the 1800's. It was then the hunting grounds of a band led by Chief Yellowhead or Mesqua Ukie.


Red said...

I finally found the picture that explained the "sophisticated." I used to have a sophisticated rain gauge until the tube cracked when I left it out with water in it and it froze so I measured ice for once!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

October is too early for hail! Brr. Good pictures of 'your' turkeys on your sidebar -- I do enjoy the silly things.