Sunday 24 June 2012

Yucca plant is now in bloom!

My Yucca Plant last year
-just one flower stalk

I'm so excited! Here is a snippet from a university post:

Yucca, Adam's needle, bear grass, spanish bayonet.

Scientific name:
Yucca filamentosa

Yucca filamentosa, commonly called yucca, is native to southeastern North America, ranging from Florida to North Carolina and as far over as the Texas (Christman, 2003; Hanelt, 2001). Yucca grows natively in dry soils and sand dunes in coastal regions.  It is drought tolerant and thrives in sandy or rocky habitats (Christman, 2003; Hanelt , 2001).  Today this species is planted as an ornamental, and horticultural varieties exist.

Additionally, many areas Y. filamontosa has become naturalized (Christman, 2003; Hanelt , 2001). Naturalization might have begun prior to the arrival of Europeans, as Native Americans grew this plant near
This year, big blooms!
settlements for fiber and soap (Jensen, 2005).

This year, 3 stalks,
taller than I am!
This is in my front yard. Very dry, and hot. I can see why it thrives here. We do have temperatures that fall to -30 C. in winter. Flora, as well as fauna, have learned to adapt!

I love the variety of flowers in my garden. I have only been here two years, but the previous gardeners have done a fine job. For this, I am grateful.

First blooms,
noticed it in the evening!


Olga said...

I was surprised to see that plant from your garden as I associate it with the south. Very pretty blooms. You are fortunate to have inherited such an eclectic garden.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful cactus blooms, congrats! it is always nice to see your plants doing well. Happy Sunday.

Linda said...

Your yucca is gorgeous and so tall.

Maude Lynn said...

Gorgeous blooms!

Linda said...

What gorgeous blooms! You have a lot of them too!

Kay L. Davies said...

How fabulous for you, Jenn. It is certainly hot and dry here (most years, although not this year yet) but I'm sure Yucca wouldn't survive here.
Beautiful photos.

Red said...

I'd be bragging bout my plant too if it turned out this way. Well done.

Kay said...

Those yucca blooms are so beautiful. I'll bet they'd do well in Hawaii.

Powell River Books said...

It's beautiful. I remember driving in the California desert and seeing them bloom all over the hillsides. - Margy