Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Cat walkies in the snow!

Looks like the coyote has done a walk-through
Another morning walk with my twins in the forest. The snow, now about 10 cm, tells wonderful stories.
The Point – dead ends, as it is surrounded by wetland.
Now I can't make it to the end!
First we walked down to The Point. More work for me. A tree has fallen over. I'll have to get rid of that.
Too many distractions: sights, smells, sounds!
Buster & Felix come walkies
Even the coyote has to inspect the mouse hole.
The tracks are partially covered in snow.


Red said...

Wonderful to see that somebody else reads the snow. Now if you could smell it would tell you much more!

Anonymous said...

Its just great to meet you! A fellow Ontarian, wow, your photos are great and such lovely cats,beautiful, what an interesting blog you have I'm searching for the followers button so I can follow.Happy New Year to You!!!!!