Thursday 14 April 2011

A walk in the forest part 2

We've been heavily involved in politics around here. Both federal and provincial elections in 201, things are hopping. I decided to go out and get some fresh air.

Look who I spotted on a near-by tree. Can you spot it? A pileated woodpecker. I always kick myself if I don't have the right lens on the camera. Did it again! Who knew?

I took a walk down the path to the frog pond (see my previous post! Lots of spring peepers peeping and froggies croaking.

In the meantime...look who came with me on the walk. This is our vacant, forested lot. A couple of acres, Oliver has adopted it is his own. The deer, of course, have the run of both lots. Herding cats would be easier!

  I looked behind me and here was Oliver and his buddy. Oliver takes Tigger, the deer, for a walk. I know there are videos on-line showing deer hurting pets, but Ollie ignores him, Tigger follows.
Look who I spotted in the pond. First frog spotted of the season. It is hard to see them. Brown dead leaves have sunk to the bottom, enriching the pond.

Bog and water, spongy ground, they shut up when I approach! Bad shot, I know, but on my tip toes, in flip flops, with Oliver and Tigger watching me...

I finished my walk, and headed back to the house. Oliver and Tigger stayed longer down in the gully.  A short time later...
Oliver brought me a present.
Wee little garter snake. It didn't seem too wounded and I set it back into the forest, while he wasn't looking.

I was out in the ditch picking up crap from the highway (two bags, mostly recycling: beer, pop cans!), and nearly stepped onto another garter snake! It wasn't amused.

Everyone is waking up from their sleep!

My friend inspired me. I found two bags of crap. Mostly recyclable cans. My back hurts like stink, but the sun was shining, and I felt good about tidying the roadside.

I remember doing an Earth Day project with kids in the city. We graphed it all, and it was a valuable lesson on how much it all collects in the neighbourhood.

I found so many cigarettes, cigarette packages, beer bottles, plastic water bottles, as well as the box from a birthday present. Seriously.


Netty said...

I love Oliver's cute! I can't think of the last time I saw a snake. Where I used to live we had "pitch in week" where people were encouraged to clean up the neighborhood.
Now, every year on Earth Day I take my kids down our rural road to pick up garbage. It is mostly recyclables, and it really disturbs me that it is in the ditch in the first place. We seem to be the only ones that do this here. In fact, one year a neighbor pulled up alongside in her car and asked us what we were doing. I told her we were cleaning the ditch and she asked WHY? I guess some people really don't care :(

Red said...

We still haven't been able to get to the recyclables ...still covered in snow and more snow!

Kay said...

You are so good to do this! It's really appalling how some people have no respect for the environment. You are a good example for everybody.

W.C.Camp said...

Uh - Hmmm, I assume there must be a Wendy's up the road? I'll never understand why people think the highway is their personal trash can? Cool snake picture. Sadly we had to kill a copperhead a couple of days ago but they can hurt people and animals so no choice in more urbanized environment. Keep 'em coming. W.C.C.

Jenn Jilks said...

@Kay, was bothering me. I spotted another friend's message showing her work, and decided now was the time, with the snow gone! This is it @Netty, it looks so bad. Shameful for tourists, we want to be proud of our neighbourhood, although we're out in the sticks!
@ W.C. we belong to the capture/ release program, except Oliver has some issues with this. He ate a mouse whole yesterday, crunching on the head. Yikes!

Olga said...

Oooh, nothing annoys me quite as much as littering. In VT we have an official "GreenUP" day when people go out and pick up trash. I always participate, but at the same time it makes me mad that so much trash gets thrown on the road ways...not to mention other peoples front lawns.

You can never take too many pictures said...

That's a Cat for You!!!!! they just Love Fresh Meat!!!!! the old killer instinct!!!! Yes Jenn we also try to clean up when ever we spot garbage along our stops in Algonquin or even just in our little village....I hate to say this....but people are such Pigs!!!!! They know that someone will eventually pick it up or that they figure they pay enough taxes, so let them hire someone to clean up their SAD!!!!!!

Amila said...

Hi Jenn, Nice to see Tigger following Oliver! Good thing you do cleaning up the precious surroundings of yours.