Sunday, 29 August 2010

rocks, trees, roots, burials

The ancient Chinese said, "树高千丈, 叶落归根", meaning, "A tree may grow to be a thousand zhang (10,000 feet) high, but its leaves fall back to its roots".

I have been thinking of my roots.  Holing fast to good memories, letting go of the bad.

Where is home to you? Ours is changing and it is  hard leaving things behind. I have been working on my parent's gravesite, trying to make it a little more homey. The flowers died with the heat and lack of rain. The family all turned up for the brief ceremony.

The stone has been ordered, but will arrive after we leave Muskoka!

Josephine helped 'bury the treasure', as we explained it to her. This is a place, her Papa told her, where people can go and think of loved ones, and talk to them in their hearts.

Having interred my parents, I am thinking about the cycle of life

While Josephine was visiting we spotted a slug eating from the carcass of a frog skeleton. 

 My blog friend, Yogi, created an interesting post. He is the person who turned me on to geocaching, and I completed my first last month! I, too, have a fascination with cemeteries and grave markers, also life and death.

He said, in part: 
Patty Parsons
I got my new issue of Scientific American earlier this week and it is a special issue on "The End."  They had an article that blew my mind. It was on a laboratory that studied the degradation and decomposition of human bodies after death. I had to check this out.

Basically, this is a place where the pros study body decomposition for research purposes. Morbidly fascinating. All for the greater good.

I haven't had time to read my SciAm yet, but I will, now!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I had never thought of it before but moving away from a close one's grave would be very hard indeed. My Mother is buried in her hometown more than a thousand miles from me, so it would be hard for me to move further away.

Nice video of cemeteries. I know it is strange but I love cemeteries. Somehow they are reassuring to me. Not of some heavenly place to go to but that at some time, my time will be up. Sounds strange, I can't explain it, but it gives me peace.

I'm honored that you mention my post in your entry today.

W.C.Camp said...

I think as usual, you have a healthy respect for reverence, history, tradition, and youthful curiosity. In my mind, not only are you lucky, I think you are incredibly rich! W.C.C.