Thursday, 9 April 2009

NaPoWriMo #9 paradise

NaPoWriMo #9 Describe your version of paradise.

Sleepers Wake

plants reach in a languorous stretch towards the life force
rain soaked their toes last night
succinct buds burst into extant foliage
trillium follow the sun's path as white faces seek solace
critters have woken from sweet slumber
cardinal trills lasciviously at trespassers
gopher waddles under corner shrubs
humans, she mutters, shaking her head in my direction
wobbly stems bobble with red tulips
fuscia-coloured daphne spread themselves on rocks like lizards
forget-me-nots wink in the breeze
blue jays screech an argument over sunflower seeds
bellies heavy with eggs provide ballast on swaying feeders
the roses heal from winter's cruel bruising blows
garter snake slides suggestively through crunchy leaves
cat tips his head in piqued interest
momentarily distracted from frantic feeder frenzy
where to go? what to do first?
the rabbit nibbles on dried corn deaf to the cacophony above
mourning doves coo in throaty passion
bumble bees land with the grace of bombers on wee violets
tumbling head over stingers they gurgle with laughter

the breeze rolls like a wave over tree tops
it caresses my cheek in joy
maple leaves shimmer in delight
clapping in praise for new beginnings
I can hear the seeds growing
germinating pleasures of gifts yet to come
I'm like the moth flitting without direction
dipping her toes in red, then blue, then pink jewels
requiring a little sun, a lite rain and a little love
we shall thrive although we progress millimetre by millimetre
all in God's time


one more believer said...

i too travel in sleep time... especially so with the moon's embrace of light and shadows.. a beautiful place this place you describe... so full of life.. oh my, "... i can hear the seeds growing..."... yes, yes, yes...

anthonynorth said...

A beautiful display of nature here.

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