Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Numb in November

We are all numb with the cold. What a shock to have this cold front move in. Our temperatures are much colder than normal Novembers. Mind you, what is normal anymore?

What a shock. Our temperatures have dropped quite suddenly to double digits in the negative Celsius range, rising to single negative digits. Last year's data from the Weather Network indicates that Muskoka temperatures are about 5 degrees colder than averages. We have several cm of snow, much more than the average 3 cm.

The cats walk outside, shaking each back paw to get rid of the snow that sticks to warm pads.

We were fortunate. The towns both north and south of us experienced that dreaded lake effect snow: winds whipping the moisture off of the great lakes and dumping it on many door steps and driveways. We do not have much snow in comparison, but many had 20 - 30 cm! There were 30,000 customers without their Hydro One power. Just like Ice Storm '98, the trees bent then broke with the weight of the snow. It was cold and dark, with low light levels of the fall solstice.

It started with much rain, then slowly it changed to sleet and snow. Big fat snowflakes, with huge clumps that stuck to the trees.

I drove home in this fierce precipitation. The streets were slippery as the rain froze on the ground. Many cars went off the road.

The rain has collected in puddles, and low points. The ground cannot absorb the rain all at once. The snow punctuates the picture, framing the scenery.

Icicles glistened in the sunlight as things thawed somewhat the next day. Overnight temperatures are much colder than expected and the trees remain heavily laden with ice and snow.


Junosmom said...

Jenny Jill - I am both awed by the beauty and shivering at the photos. Here we are at around 32degrees F (0 deg. C) but it is sunny. My husband's relatives live in northeastern Ohio and have experienced lake effect and are moaning about the snow. We don't get a lot, but had some flakes yesterday.

Jenn Jilks said...

The lake effect is amazing. You can see the satellite radar and the long fingers of clouds just drift across the land.

What I love is being able to see the clouds above the horizon. They move south east and often we escape the assault of the wind and snow. I can tell by the dark clouds that someone is being dumped on!

P.S. love your new photo!

Travis Erwin said...

I am ready for some snow but so far all we've had is chilly north winds.