Sunday, 21 September 2008

committee of adjustment for minor variances

For those renovating, or changing structures on properties, they must follow current by-laws. If you want a permit to vary building guidelines, you must appear before this committee. A recent article in the Examiner claims that a cottager seeking a variance was represented by someone sitting on the variance committee before which they were presenting. Their neighbour has registered a complaint, and great disgust, that the person trying to build too close to the water sought the advocacy of someone on this committee. I cannot imagine this scenario. Further, the minutes were expunged and rewritten to be more open, despite the deceit within the meeting. I am shocked.

It is particularly deceitful. It seems as if the rules are made by environmentalists, town planners and hydrogeology experts but they are just guidelines!

Either town committees have a plan to protect the environment or they do not. If you have money, influence and power the rules and regulations can be broken. This is a breach of public trust. Town committee members have a responsibility to by-laws. This is shameful.

Mind you, if those seeking the variance are not granted same - they WILL go to the Ontario Municipal Board where there is a 75% chance the OMB will overrule the duly elected officials. It is a lose-lose situation for those who have respect for the environment. Only in Muskoka! This issue requires some reflection. Mind you, the councillors do seem to show bias. An article similarly says that they support Tony Clement in the Federal Election, with YouTube videos galore. I resent such propaganda by municipally elected officials with their own agendas.

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