Wednesday, 24 February 2016

New Construction: What do you think they are building?

♫♬ Hear the train acomin'


Wilson Street apartment residents warned about illegal left turns into parking lot

Hubby and I joked about it. Someone has bought this chunk of land and they began construction.  I began taking photos on June 6th, 2015.

It's a Perth property that's been for sale for a long time, squeezed in behind several homes with large backyard, and the train track. Someone bought it for cheap, so they say in town! I was interested in capturing a photo on a regular basis, having done a blog for the Habitat for Humanity build in Bala in 2009/10.

I love drive-by shootings, as do many of my Facebook friends, and asked hubby to drive by... again and again!

By February, 2016, there is now an 'Apartment for Rent' sign!

UPDATE: they are for rent as of August 1st! They are called the Dickson Court Apartments. Rents range from $925 to 1150/month

I am fascinated by the high, cement walls and the chain link fence around the parking lot perimeter.

Here we are, stopped by the train crossing
Thing is, this was the site of a  Train and truck collision in Perth, Ontario. Right here, this was the spot. The truck was shoved 800m down the track across town. The safety arms did come down, but there didn't seem to be a train, the truck driver tried to go around, so scuttlebutt says.

There has been some discussion about stopping the trains from blowing their whistles along this spot (Oct., 2014 debate).
The screen capture show the building's location. The building behind it houses seniors, some on fixed income. There is a median across Wilson St. at this spot, and when you come out of the apartment's parking lot, you cannot turn left, nor can you turn left if you are coming from highway #7 (to the north), to get into the parking lot. (You can see this on the Dashcam footage!)

We were surprised to see something being built here. Then we giggled; who else but seniors could live here? You'd need to be hard of hearing, and a train buff, and happy to have the trains passing along the track outside your window. Funnily enough, this applies to hubby! :-)

New building from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Cloudia said...

Better than a newspaper article Jenn. You are invited to visit my place anytime, honey

Judy said...

That's interesting, I'm not sure that I could live that close to a train track. Especially with there being an accident close by! You're probably right, it would have to be seniors or someone who really loves trains.

William Kendall said...

That is quite a construction.

An aunt and uncle (plus their kids) lived for many years with a train track behind their property. It was just something to get used to, and then you didn't really hear it anymore.

Nancy J said...

Apartments? Backpackers rooms? Training for the deaf community? Ear plugs and ear muffs provided at the front doorway? This is fascinating, to see it from start to end. Will you move there when you both retire??? Hugs from a lot cooler home today. I almost needed to have a jacket on early this morning.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Weirdly, it could also apply to me! Have lived close to tracks before - though perhaps not quite on them... only moved away 'cos the rental owner wanted to sell the land at premium - townhouses x 6 where once that one stood. And well outta my range! YAM xx


Perhaps it's low income housing. Maybe. Just a thought.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

We once rented a cabin next to a train track. We didn't know because we were moving cross country and rented it unseen. But after a while you tune out the trains.

Denise inVA said...

Interesting! Can't imagine being that close to a train track. Years ago when we were traveling across country, we had booked a night at a hotel in advance, only to find out it was right next to a train track. The trains came through all night and I don't remember sleeping much between the rumbling and the train whistle :) Thanks for stopping by. The house you asked about was not for sale.

Kay said...

My daughter and son-in-law had a condo in Chicago right next to a train and I could hear it go by all the time. After a while, they were able to ignore the sounds. Annoyed me though.