Thursday, 5 February 2015

Updates: cats, electronics, deer, new well pump

Snow falls, Daisy and Dorah have taken over Sady's bed in hubby's office. Dorah was watching the birds go by. It was so cute as he head whips this way and that. This is the feeder outside the office window with black sunflower seed.

I liked the photos without the flash, but I was giggling at her antics. It was like a tennis match.

The deer

The deer are having a hard time in the deep snow. We had quite a crew on Tuesday, 17 I counted. Wednesday morning, the same thing. The crowd from neighbouring winter yards have moved in, as they do.

I spotted one buck with a small antler Tuesday, so I have another trek to do. I'll see if I can find it!

My Trailcam hasn't picked up any critters. I don't know where the coyote is. It traveled across the beginning of the wetland several times before our deep snow.

The cats are somewhat housebound. Buster and Buster II (Daisy) sit on the front deck in the sunshine, but it has been bitterly cold. The others have been happier indoors.


Parallel play
Kay L. asked how Annabelle is faring. She has been glommed on to me. She is easing her way into the family, but thinks she is the alpha cat. She'll spot Bambi out front, and being used to fending for herself, she'll growl at the deer. I laugh so hard.

She has taken over our bed at night. It used to be Sady, and after that the twins, Daisy & Dorah. Then Buster, until he was accidentally locked in the closet. Then Sady took over again. Now, Annabelle.

She is a mushy little girl. In the wee hours, if I'm not up in time, she'll come to me and nuzzle my face, purring and making dough. She truly isn't a barn cat, where they found her. She did have a loving mother, I'm sure. She knows to mush for food.

I'll be on the couch reading, and Annabelle will come along and snuggle, even if she isn't hungry, although, she is always hungry everytime we go into the kitchen! They are very close to playing with her, but since she was very defensive the first day, they are on guard, too. Sady is the worst, but she is ill. Buster will play with all of them. He's pretty calm.

our rental

Electronics and repairs

Our car is back from the body shop, I didn't even ask the total cost. We had a rental for a week. Since their paint machine broke they covered the cost of the extra time. Thank goodness for that. Hubby has dispatched Meals on Wheels Mon/Tu./Wed. this week. His back is hurting from the rental car.

Meantime, the snowblower is frozen. I have to get out the hairdryer and work on it. It happened last year, too.

The new well pump

Drip, drip, drop
The new pump system was leaking. I was up every three hours to bail buckets until they could come the next day.

They sent Mike, and he took care of it
 for me. The pipe had worked itself loose. All is good, I hope. I can't do the driveway, but the snow tires make all the difference.

In the meantime, the sink tap is leaking. I simply could not face it yesterday. I don't know if it is a washer or what. It has happened before and it was a loose nut. I kinda feel like a loose nut.
My client cancelled today, and I will have time to shovel the driveway, fetch wood, and do my physiotherapy exercises! Next week hubby has a colonoscopy. This will be appointment number XXXIII in this long journey.


eileeninmd said...

Cute shots, I like the kitties watching the birds. And the deers are pretty. Wonderful sightings, Jen!

TexWisGirl said...

sweet kitties. :) love the pretty deer! good luck on next week's appt!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Lovely array of daily shots... and glad to hear that Annabelle has the upper paw....&*> YAM xx

William Kendall said...

I can't recall what my dad did to keep the snowblower from doing that when he had one.

The cats are such sweeties.

Kay L. Davies said...

I often feel like a loose nut.
And my husband has a colonoscopy next week, too.
Maybe we need some cats here.
Actually, Dick says we should consider fostering a dog from SOS when we no longer have Lindy. I can't bear to think of (a) losing Lindy, or (b) fostering a dog and then having to give it up for adoption.
Poor dear Lindy is actually in rough shape. I looked up the problem her medication is supposed to be helping with, and it's scary. I forget its name right now, but it is caused by e.coli which is very scary.
I love Yam's comment here on your blog post.
Hugs, K