Monday, 12 January 2015

Renos at O'Reilly's Pub!

We thought we'd go out and have lunch before errands and chores in town. O'Reilly's pub has done some renos, to open up an interior wall. They put in a stove, too. Good thing. It's cold and windy. The Scots masons they'd brought over must have been in shock with our extreme weather.

The chalk board was raised, and they removed the ugly canopy over the performance space. I asked if they were worried the musicians would burn their bums when performing. It's not a wood stove, and they can turn it off.

There is a regular group of men that meet there every Friday. They are hilarious. All speaking at forte levels.
Brock Zeman's band in a 'before' photo
They were talking about various health issues, one guy is off booze for January (something several people I've heard, are doing).
Another guy was having stress tests and another bone density tests. One guy was having heart issues...

     "I don't mean to be personal, but how's your sex life?" one of them asked him. I nearly snorted my ice water! Fortunately, I'd just put down my glass of red wine!

At the end of the meal, I had saved half of my garlic bread. It's so nice having real bread once-in-awhile. Hubby being off yeast, I don't always have much. The server wrapped it like a bird!


eileeninmd said...

A nice outing and a cool looking pub! Garlic bread is yummy! Have a happy Monday!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I rarely take bread because the yeast does cause bloating... but every now and then it is a real treat!!! Sounds like a very different pub visit... 'Dry January' began in Australia several years ago and I noted that this year it has been introduced here in the UK (at least I don't think it has been done as a major thing here before) and now it seems it may have hit your part of the globe. Fair enough... YAM xx

William Kendall said...

It looks like quite a good pub!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Eavesdropping is one of my favorite secret vices too. And it gets easier all the time as we are around a lot of people who speak at those volumes ;>)! Maybe you should switch to white wine tho if you're going to over-hear such funny conversations!

Nancy J said...

Ha ha, I would have laughed too, but I will bet the man who asked the question was also having heart medication and KNEW so well the side effects, funny what we hear when others talk loudly, and we cannot help overhearing what to them might be private. So glad you didn't spill your drink.. I wonder if his Dr asks the same?? Take care, Jean.

Red said...

I missed the transition form musicians to old guys! There's not much that's not covered when old guys get going. They've done it all.