Thursday, 8 May 2014

Our phoebes are building a nest again!

They're so pretty
It flew off.
I followed their build and laying of 5 eggs last year. There are 5 eggs again this year. The last one laid on or before we left for our Vancouver trip, May 14th.

In previous years they've built in the tree house. In 2011 something smashed and ate the eggs. That nest was tricky, as the cats, and other predators, could reach it in the tree house. I put up chicken wire to protect it in 2012. By 2013, they'd figured out the shed was best. Last year they raised 5 little chicklets.

This is the 2014 report!

Wee bird!
There is another pair down at the frog pond, but I haven't spotted the nest yet.

They began May 1st, by May 7th it looks like a cosy nest! It's hard work! The first egg was laid May 12th.

Incubation Period
15–16 days
Nestling Period
16–20 days

Phoebe is twitterpated! from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
They've been collecting nesting materials, and are well on their way to building a nest. I was walking 2 cats and snuck up behind him/her.
The other day, I spotted one Phoebe collecting last year's petunia branches, while the other sat in the nearby lilac tree supervising. S/he picked one up, changed its mind, picked up another piece.
I could hear her chittering from the tree: "No, not that one!"
Eventually, they both flew off to the shed.


Roan said...

I do enjoy your videos. Feels like I'm there watching along with you.

lindaakacraftygardener said...

how lovely to have phoebes nesting, very interesting photos and video

Judy said...

That first image is just so perfect!!! I know the calls they make, but I have never figured out what they look like!

William Kendall said...

What a beauty!

Red said...

It must be nice to have a ringside sea for Phoebe nesting. I'm sure we'll see the whole story

SquirrelQueen said...

It looks like they have been working hard on the nest. Now it's time for them to settle in and make some chicks.
The Phoebes are so cute.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Not sure if I can get photos, Red - they're so high, and right at the roof.

Hilary said...

Adorable birds. I hope they do well!

Naquillity said...

so good seeing them nest... hope they have another successful year. hope all is well.