Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Changing seasons – Canadians DO complain!

Laughing at me?
I will not complain.
Bala goose

I love the change in the seasons.

I like resting from gardening. I miss my lake, but enjoy wildlife where I can find it.

I love my walks on the frozen bog, watching for the snowshoe rabbit bounding away.

I love the deer watching me, leaping off into the forest as I walk the cats in the forest. The turkey tracks in the snow tell a story, too. I love my sweaters and warm winter coat. I am grateful for all the bounty.

Sumer has fled, as have many of our birds.
May babies, they're now part of the flock.

Babies, nurtured and fed by doting parents, taught how to fly, run, or hide from prey, have become indistinguishable from parents, aunts and uncles.

On our way into the city for a medical appointment, I stopped for a photo-op of the Canada Geese. The river shoulders are frozen, but the geese were plentiful. There were hundreds of them. The Rideau Canal, Black Rapids lock, was closed for the season, but the geese were gathered, flocking to the parts of the canal waters that were still flowing.

It was -10 C. this morning, and it was a brisk walk down to the river from the highway. I neglected to  bring my zoom lens, but I have many photos of them in close-up from previous endeavours. The louring sky eventually changed the day, and I'm glad we stopped on the way into the city, rather than after.
I made a brief video, as the sound of their honking was amazing.

'spose I need to clean the lens?!


Hilary said...

Yeah, I'm complaining. Summer seemed to disappear in a blink of an eye for me, this year. I'll not complain about the lovely goose photos here though. Love the wee one from summer.

lindaakacraftygardener said...

I love the changing seasons too ... each brings its own special something. I do have to admit I love winter more since I've been retired and don't have to drive in the awful weather. Now we can enjoy it on our own terms. Snow moving into our area overnight (it has already started) perhaps 10 cm. I'm already thinking of the photo opportunities.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You are a woman who is in the right place! I can always tell how much you love your home, no matter what kind of weather.

Red said...

The final push of geese going through is pretty exciting. the birds are excited and it infects me. Our geese left when we got the heavy snow that covered their food.

TexWisGirl said...

beautiful geese. :)