Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Things I think I will miss in my old age

These are thingsI thing will cease to exist by the time I am in my twilight years!

  • Newspapers, sitting with my coffee, discussing politics with hubby, examining issues in local, regional, provincial, national and worldly realms. 
  • CBC Radio - they continue to aim for talk radio, morning radio goofiness. I want serious, hard-hitting discussion, politics, education, healthcare. Not egg decorating competitions on Twitter, or 'worst Valentine Day ever' stories. (Can you spell radio, getting ready for the work day, wasting time on photos?) That's just me! I have to turn it off in the morning. I think budget cuts are going to have an impact.
  • Books - hardcover you can prop on your bed, or lap, while sipping tea. I don't need another electronic device. I have them all, used them in the workplace, taught it to my students and colleagues. I want to low down, take my time. Can't stand basic news shows: the clutter on the screen!
  • How much clutter can you stand?
    I know it's CBC.
    I can't see the shoes that do not fit,
    as the model falls out of one!
    Cursive Writing  - it is only taught sporadically in grade 3 - 6. It is a form of symbol that kids ought to learn how to decode. It builds brian cells, and encourages fine muscle skills and patience! Teachers don't 'mark' it, and shouldn't evaluate it. It just is.
  • Magazines - advertising is down, plus much trite information I've read before: how to lose weight, look beautiful, dress up, dress down, shop, cook...
  • Respect - Don't criticize the coffee; you may be old and weak someday. I recall shopping, with kids. Sales staff would ignore me and speak to single, rich-looking women, not me. Now that I am older, they ignore me as well! Ageism rears its ugly head everywhere. The millennials, for the most part, are pretty ignorant and do not respect life experience and lessons learned!
  • Newsletters - I love them, hard-copy, in the mail. You don't have to download tons of graphics. You don't have to waste precious printer cartridges to print them yourself. You can keep them on the wall. Read them during your down time.


Linda said...

I agree with you on most of them...I still like my print stuff, and the more emails I get with pages and pages of "stuff", the less inclined I am to read any of them! Love my blogging - I can be as selective as I choose!

Olga said...

Oh, now I am feeing old. I will miss those things as well.

Red said...

I realize where your coming from when you're making these comments. Usually people in those conditions the least of their worries will be the things you list. for my Dad , when he lost his sight our step Mom would read the paper to him every day. Later on he lost interest in current events.

Jenn Jilks said...

I think, Red, that these things will disappear by the time I am in my later years!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh Jen, why will you miss the newspaper thing when you're old?

We're there already and we still do that almost every morning. Or maybe in spite of the fact that I have a 54 year old son and two great-grandsons, I'm not really old? Or are you thinking that newspapers will disappear within a few years? Now, sadly, I do think that's a pretty good possibility. We laugh that when that happens we will have to look at each other over morning coffee (instead of at the paper).

W.C.Camp said...

Yes, I do not see how papers can survive with the lack of big sheet advertisers? As for little coffee shop newsletters, they may hang on since they target smaller local markets and budget advertisers. The problem of course is the content is pretty lame for most of those small rags. Yes, sadly I doubt if print books are long for this world. In general I wish ALL PEOPLE would respect each other not just me because I am older and supposedly wiser. Often I will be on a train or plane and hear the kind of language PARENTS use in front of their children and it truly saddens me. I wish I had THE answer? Great provocative post - Thanks! W.C.C.