Thursday, 26 April 2012

Some activities for us grandparents!

My late mom was always good about this: in her senior years she'd save things up for the kids. Small things she'd bought, or found at garage sales.

I like to do the same.

I bought some stickers and send a few at  a time.

Having a hankering to draw, just for fun, plus trying to use my window crayons in the LTC, where I volunteer, I bought myself a how-to-draw book. Yes, one for kids!

I drew a truck and an apple tree on Art's window. He liked it. He denies culpability to the powers-that-be, he cannot get out of his wheelchair to do them himself. It's our private joke!

I spend time sitting with a new client, for an hour, on a commode. Long story. I began whiling the time away drawing while we talk. Then, I send the artwork to the kids for them to colour.

My real artists friends won't laugh, I know. I admire your skills and talents.
And those of you who are as able as I, with paper and pencil, go for it!

my old wagon!
It makes the kids happy to get snail mail.
Great creative activity.
Next I will try to draw these things!
bleeding heart

new dandelions

budding lilacs

Happy spring!


Red said...

You're a grandma with too much time and too much humor if we could get too much of those! Kids and people appreciate stuff that is personal.

Paula said...

Good for you for buying the learn to draw book. I think you are well on your way and I really enjoyed viewing what you have drawn already.

W.C.Camp said...

Wow those are pretty good!! I never thought of just doing an outline and letting kids fill in the color - what an inspired idea!!! You are a good ol' talented Granny!!! Great post! W.C.C.

Jenn Jilks said...

Thanks, all. I find I am finally using my teaching skills again!

Christine said...

good job Jenn, great idea to get that book. Looking forward to seeing more!