Sunday, 12 February 2012

Olympic House in Perth!

I heard the story on Lake 88 Radio. Local radio is intimate, and seeks stories of local import.
Maureen Peg interviewed the builder in October.
Maureen Pegg talks to the father of Olympic athlete Nick Tritton. Mark Tritton is part of a team, building a house in Perth to raise money for Nick's expenses for the summer games in London next year. Mark also discusses Nick's accomplishments and next weeks PAN American Games, Friday October 21, 2011
All have been keeping tabs on the project.
I'd never heard about it on any other media!
A father and a community chipping to build a house, proceeds to fund a young man's Olympic swim dreams.
Perth Olympic House
With the project sponsored by Algonquin College, time and energy donated by students, supervised by teachers, and assisted by trades where needed: electrical, heating, etc., a home will be sold to benefit a young man.

A proud dad has put his time and energy into his son's dreams, and helped other charities in the process: LAWS, YAK, food banks in Perth.

Their philosophy is similar to the Habitat for Humanity builds, with many donating time, energy, skills, tradespeople, or goods, as well as services.

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