Sunday, 19 February 2012

Caterpillar, blue jay and crazy cats

Felix (top) checks the action,
Buster thinks about tactical maneuvers!
As my faithful readers know, Buster and Felix began crossing the highway last fall.

I put on cat TV, to keep them amused and interested nearer to home, bought them collars. Cat collars are put away for now, as the field across the highway isn't navigable.

The bird feeder is their wonderful entertainment: 'cat TV'.

We get blue jays, red squirrels, chickadee, junco, downy woodpeckers, at this feeder.

Jay checks for trouble – the boys are fighting on the caterpillar!
The cracked corn in is the top, jays chuck that down below for their buddies. The juncos and the rabbits pick that up.

Woodpeckers hang off of the feeder, too. I throw in whole peanuts for the jays and squirrels. Both eat when hungry, in a tree nearby, then bury the extra in the snow (the red squirrels) or hide them in the bark of the trees (blue jays).

Then, their buddies scurry around finding the food caches, squirrels doggy digging in the snow!

 Yesterday, I featured the red squirrel. Today, the blue jays were at the feeder!

Buster stands his ground.
Felix comes down for a better whack
at his dear brother!

These guys are worth it for the sheer entertainment value.
January sales are a great time to buy a new toy.
This has been the greatest investment.

Roaring up and down the ladder, they'll perch and watch the critters for hours.

The red squirrel taunts them, the blue jays scree in glee!

Off goes the blue jay with its prize,
having chosen the perfect peanut!

This is what the blue jays sound like!


eileeninmd said...

Love the bluejays, great photos and post.

Linda said...

So enjoy your photos of life in your back yard! I am so jealous! We don't have nearly that much wildlife, living in the city!

Red said...

Blue jays can put on a real show. Check Daniel's view today as he has awesome jay pictures.