Friday 25 August 2017

Daisy and the coyote

That was a bit of a scare. Daisy used up another life today. Last time it was a fox.
It was 7:45, Dorah was looking intently out the back door. JB looked out: a coyote stalking something, in front of the shed. "I bet it's Daisy!"
"No, she's usually sleeping."
He looked out the kitchen window: Daisy, oblivious to the coyote sneaking up to her, silent on the dewy grass. Daisy was this side of the tree house, coyote was on the other side. JB opened the garage door,  I went out onto the deck, and it slunk back into the forest!
That scared it off. Daisy went up the tree, and stayed up an hour. I looked down into the forest, where it had gone, and we spoke loudly. It disappeared.

I had the camera in hand, but fumbled. Too silly.

Last night, she chose to stay indoors all night! Whew. It's pretty cool, suddenly. She's snuggled into the dog cat bed.

When I rescued the trailcam I found that there was a deer streaking by, then a pair of coyotes, and then the turkeys. We imagine the turkeys, hanging around the yard all day, are drawing the coyotes.
Trailcam: Aug. 24 from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.
Daisy was just chased up a tree. I didn't get a video, but there was one coyote in the back yard stalking her. They are around all the time, usually quite silent and avoid our yard.

Coyotes can't take down a healthy deer, least of all the bucks, but the fawns are vulnerable. They can pick off the turkeys, especially wandering wee ones. The cats can just run up a tree. Daisy is usually quite aware.


  1. Lucky for Daisy you two were on watch!

  2. Animals galore. Daisy, be careful!!!

  3. Glad Daisy's ok for now. Lots of action in your yard.

  4. Good job you were on watch!
    I enjoyed the trailcam pictures.

    All the best Jan

  5. best to always keep an eye on daisy!! i always enjoy the deer, especially a young one!!

  6. When we lived in California we lost a lot of cats to coyotes that came across from the park across the road. We tried to make our last rescue cat an indoor one, but once a cat has experienced the outdoors it is hard to keep them from rushing the door to escape. In the end he moved to Bellingham to "retire" as a condo kitty with my mom. By then he didn't try to get out any more, thankfully. But if he did it was an upstairs indoor hall where she could herd him back home if needed. After mom's passing he started living with us and got a bit of outdoors at the float cabin. By then he was in his late 20s so gave up trying to get to shore. Whew! - Margy

  7. A close call but a good outcome.


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