UPDATE –Mar. 16th, 2017 Canada announces new UAV or drone laws.
Praise be!

This includes helipads at hospitals, and will have a big impact.

It is amazing technology, but it shouldn't be treated as a toy. There have been many issues with incidents, crashes and privacy.
Canada tracks drone incidents.
amazing technology 

Transport Canada Investigations of infractions involving UAVs

Year  Frequency Fines
2011        1
2012        3
2013        6
2014       61 13
2015      97   5
2016      82 12

Amazing UAVs!

Legal use of an unmanned aircraft in Canada prohibits flying near areas with large groups of people, such as beaches.

DOC]NPA UAVs - Transport Canada

Canada and other jurisdictions are working on developing stricter regulations

Belleville drone vs. vehicle crash 'probably won't be the last': police

No charges laid, as police express puzzlement over what might apply

Police in Belleville, Ont., are warning drivers that drones could become a growing hazard on the road after one of the airborne devices crashed into the grille of a moving vehicle on Monday morning, causing $1,000 in damage to it.

No charges laid? Tell that to the insurance company. They best get on it!

Ski federation bans camera drones after close-call crash ...
“He did not follow our instructions,” the race director said. “He had to fly outside of the race track and follow the racer from a 15-meter (50-foot) distance. Then there would have been a margin and nothing could have happened.”
Drone crashed behind a skier in Italy.

Drone Crash Database | Drone Wars UK

Domestic drone accidents |

Flying a drone or an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) for work or ...

No Drone Zones 

Find out where you are not allowed to fly a drone

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